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TriState CareFlight Implements 365 Safety AMRM

3rd September 2008 - 00:00 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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When Chris Baker joined Arizona-based TriState CareFlight as its medical program director less than a month ago, one of his first objectives was to help improve his new program's overall safety and AMRM (Air Medical Resource Management). He knew exactly where to turn.

"I worked with Rich Obertots and ThinkThroughTools while I was with my last program," says Baker. "He's always been great to work with and is very accommodating to your needs. Since I was already familiar with his 365 Safety AMRM on-demand software, I really wanted to jump on the opportunity to go forward with this when I came here."

In addition to its six rotor and two fixed wing bases in Arizona, the independent air medical provider also has bases in New Mexico and Colorado. TriState, with its three fixed wings and seven rotor wings, covers an area as far west as California, north to Durango, Colorado and south to Santa Fe. Safety training is critical for the program. One of the reasons that Baker elected to go with 365 Safety AMRM was because it solidifies the safety training crew members receive.

"It makes people practice what they learned instead of just reading it or just doing a test on it," he says. "You're putting this into practice in a simulated situation on a daily basis. Many programs train, maybe once a year, and then they don't really use it. With 365 Safety AMRM, this kind of training can save a life or save the life of your crew members."

365 Safety AMRM covers the essentials of Safety AMRM for air medical transport and is customized for each mode of critical care transport. It enables flight crew members to become knowledgeable in identifying existing and potential threats and develop, communicate, and implement plans and actions to mitigate perceived threats.

The on-demand software provides short daily Safety AMRM training and testing that's included with each shift brief. Each day, crew members are provided learning lessons, scenarios and quizzes related to their duties. The process takes 8 to 10 minutes and is integrated into each shift brief to assure daily consistency and to make it part of the daily culture and operations. This tool serves as a key recurrent training process for staff.

"I like the fact that you can do 365 Safety AMRM anytime, 24/7, and you can involve anyone you want, no matter where you are, and do as many scenarios," says Baker.

Baker says that TriState is going through the initial set up process right now and expects to begin using 365 Safety AMRM™ in the next couple weeks.

"One of the outcomes that I'm hoping to see is better communication among the clinical providers and just better overall operations because people are going to be practicing better communication every day," says Baker.

Previously, TriState, like many other programs, had been conducting safety training once a year, which is not nearly enough, says Baker.

"Safety training should occur daily," he says. "You can never do too much in implementing safety training. We can always do more to improve it. 365 Safety AMRM is something everybody should be doing nationwide. Practicing safety every day is something we should always be doing."

Obertots, CEO of ThinkThroughTools, says that he is looking forward to working with Baker and the entire team at TriState CareFlight to implement daily on-demand AMRM learning and knowledge verification.

"We're highly enthused to have TriState CareFlight as part of the growing family of leaders and innovators using 365 Safety AMRM™," he says. "In particular, Chris Baker was one of our first advocates when we were in development. It was so encouraging then that he understood the daily positive effects 365 Safety AMRM could have. Now he and his team are leading to put this in action."

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