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ThinkThroughTools Post-2008 AMTC Survey Focuses on Safety & AMRM

11th November 2008 - 06:08 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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ThinkThroughTools is conducting a follow-up survey to its pre-2008 AMTC (Air Medical Transport Conference) survey from last month.

Since the pre-2008 AMTC survey findings indicated a large percentage of the participants who attended AMTC planned to gather information on Safety & AMRM (Air Medical Resource Management), the follow-up survey focuses on the gathering, organizing, dissemination, and decision-making relating to matters of Safety & AMRM.

ThinkThroughTools CEO Rich Obertots is eager about this survey, "The findings of our pre-AMTC survey clearly indicated that a critical mass of those planning to attend had high interest in learning more related to Safety & AMRM. Therefore we will focus our post-AMTC survey on what attendees did to gather information. We will also inquire about how organizations plan to disseminate what they learned to the four categories of critical care customers."

The survey is available here.

The results can be viewed in real time at www.ThinkThroughTools.com beginning Nov. 11, 2008. The final summary will be published on Nov. 17.

Obertots emphasized, "It's all too common for many individuals to attend conferences that provide state-of-the art information in courses, exhibit booths, and through peer to peer interaction and then return to the workplace and not disseminate what was learned. Fortunately, this is not always the case. So part of the intent of our survey is to discover HYPs (High Yield Practices) of information gathering and dissemination and encourage these to be shared for immediate use and for use at future AMTCs."

About ThinkThroughTools: ThinkThroughTools is a professional services firm that provides on-demand software for leading Air Medical Transport providers. For more information, visit www.ThinkThroughTools.com.


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