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Rotorcraft Asia 2019: Filters for Squirrels in Asia

19th March 2019 - 12:00 GMT | by Helen Haxell in Atlanta


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Manufacturer of aircraft filtration systems, Aerometals is looking towards Asia-Pacific with its flat filter upgrade kit for the AS350 (H125) which it hopes will serve the many aircraft within the region.

According to the Asian Sky Group 2018 report, the H125 was Airbus’ most popular aircraft in Asia-Pacific last year with 714 of the aircraft present in the region. In 2018 alone, there was 22 new deliveries and according to the study the Airbus H125 'was the most popular pre-owned addition with 36 units (24%), followed by the Bell 206 with 17 units (11%).’

Aerometals’ flat filter upgrade kit for the AS350 enables increased service intervals from 100-150h and it is 0.9kg lighter than its predecessor system, company literature states.

Lorie Symon, VP of Aerometals confirmed: ‘Time and resources have been spent on upgrading our legacy systems. We’ve learned some new technologies over the past few years. On our more current developments we wanted to take some of those technologies and apply them to our legacy systems that have been flying for 15 years.

‘We are moving from a curved element to a flat element for our AS350 series of aircraft. This is going to give you better performance, better maintenance,' noted Symon.

The new system technology will help with cleanliness and oil management. Simon explained how the new format will make it easier to remove and maintain as it will be smaller and more economical when compared with the legacy system. A great number of aircraft globally will be supported by this technology, Symon explained.

However, the Far East is of particular interest to Aerometals, Symon said: ‘We are looking to take that system and move it into some foreign markets. So, we will be attending Rotorcraft Asia for the very first time this year. This product we are hoping to take to the Asian market.’

In 2018, the company took its H-60 inlet barrier filter (IBF) to market for all configurations of the Sikorsky H-60 and the S-70i Black Hawk.

‘We are very excited that our lead-off customer the City of San Diego Fire [Department] has installed the kit on its new Firehawk and will be deploying it upon delivery of the aircraft. Wildfires have become the norm in California unfortunately.

‘The IBF is a way that the Firehawk aerial fire-fighting technology can move forward. We are very pleased to be part of a technology that will protect our homes and businesses,’ Symon commented.

In addition, the H130 IBF (pictured) was certified in 2018 by the FAA, TCCA and the company is awaiting approval from EASA and the Brazilian authorities. 

See Aerometals at Rotorcraft Asia at Stand K19.

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