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Quad A 2017: Army seeks helicopter missile warning system

19th April 2017 - 18:00 by Beth Maundrill in London

Quad A 2017: Army seeks helicopter missile warning system

The US Army has issued a request for information (RfI) in support of the Limited Interim Missile Warning System (LIMWS) programme as it seeks a new protection system for helicopters.

The army is seeking a system with missile warning and hostile fire indication (HFI) capabilities that can be integrated with the new Common Infrared Countermeasure (CIRCM) system and the ALE-47 countermeasure dispensing system for a limited number of army rotary wing aircraft. The RfI does not specify which aircraft.

The ALE-47 identifies and defeats infrared and radio frequency missiles and operates on a variety of fighter jets, transport aircraft and helicopters.

A request for prequalification submission for the LIMWS was originally submitted on 28 March; this has now been cancelled and replaced by the RfI on 7 April.

Deliveries of the LIMWS are anticipated for 2020, according to the RfI.

The missile warning system should 'possess a Digital System Model (DSM) and the capabilities to incorporate threat models and inject actual threat imagery in varying environments', according to the request. It will need to possess the ability to integrate with the CIRCM and control the ALE-47.

The HFI will need the ability to determine point of origin, point of closest approach and detection ranges for all classes of threats. It should be able to meet the gross B-kit (sensors and processor) weight of less than 30kg.

Northrop Grumman's CIRCM was first introduced to the US Army in 2016 under an engineering and manufacturing development contract awarded in 2015. A lot rate production decision is expected in April 2019.

The programme is developing a laser based system for use with a missile warning system and countermeasure dispenser that deploys flares and chaff. CIRCM will be installed on helicopters, tilt-rotor, and small fixed wing aircraft across the US military.

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