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Max-Viz announces first EVS-1500 installation on Bell 206

11th September 2008 - 00:00 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Max-Viz Inc. of Portland, Oregon announces the first EVS-1500 installation on Columbia Flyer’s B-206 helicopter based in Gig Harbor, Washington.  This amended STC with PMA from Paravion Technology Inc. of Ft. Collins, Colorado incorporates the necessary switching and wiring provisions necessary for the next generation, dual field of view (FoV) EVS-1500 sensor. 

Elliott Troutman (President) of Max-Viz, states “this important installation will provide Columbia Flyer’s with a far more operationally appropriate sensor design for helicopter aviation.  The dual FoV EVS-1500 incorporates a wide angle 53º FoV capability while additionally incorporating an optical zoom feature which presents a much higher resolution image in a 30º FoV.  These two complementary images provide both a wide angle situational awareness perspective, while allowing for a much higher definition narrower FoV which allows for enhanced obstacle / hazard detection, and runway / landing zone imaging”.  “The EVS-1500 is a product of over three years of research and development, incorporating the essential elements determined through both internal product analysis and external customer derived feedback”.  

Bradley Pattison (Owner) of Columbia Flyer’s has a significant interest in this installation.  As an experienced trauma physician, and long standing Part-135 helicopter / aircraft owner / operator he states “with the increased accident rates being experienced by EMS aircraft nationwide, the consideration of a technology which provides both inadvertent IMC and CFIT avoidance capability in a passive and easily interpreted image should not be overlooked.  The enhancements presented in just the first few flights present a product that is a quantum improvement over the previous generation EVS-1000 sensor.  I have been detecting specific targets out to distances far exceeding the previous generation EVS.  These capabilities provide me with a significant Search and Rescue tool while the technical enhancements of this next generation sensor provide atmospheric resolution that far exceeds my wildest expectations”.

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