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Helitech 2018: Enstrom ready for training trend

9th October 2018 - 11:00 GMT | by Helen Haxell in London


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As more pilots come up through the ranks, civil or military, the need to start initial training in earnest is crucial to crew development and mission effectiveness; Enstrom is seeing itself as an answer to this training wave despite the impact of the oil and gas downturn.

Enstrom’s single-engine portfolio has always leaned heavily to the training side of the market but the company recently has seen an uptick in demand for this sector worldwide.

‘It seems like Europe is running into the same issue that the US is having where a generation of pilots is turning over and there’s an increased demand for flight training. When they start looking, they find Enstrom so that’s been good for us,’ commented Dennis Martin, director of sales and marketing at Enstrom Helicopter to Shephard.

In July of this year, Enstrom delivered an 480B-G to a flight training centre in the Czech Republic as part of a wider deal that will see six 480B-Gs delivered to replace the Mi-2 aircraft the centre had been using for Czech Air Force pilot training since 2004. Four of the aircraft will be military registered and two civilian registered helicopters.

Whilst Enstrom do not directly work in the oil and gas market, it still has been affected by the downturn a consequence of fluctuating oil prices in recent years.

‘[It’s] a market we don’t generally play in; it’s generally for much larger operators. It does affect us because when oil and gas sneezes everybody else catches a cold.

‘But what ends up happening is that they park up a bunch of pilots, and then those pilots suck up some other jobs so that slows the training market a little, which is really our market,’ said Martin.

He suggested that the company is currently working on contracts but could not reveal more at this stage although they are in the training and law enforcement domains.

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