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WEW expands integrated logistics services

1st September 2017 - 10:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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WEW has expanded its integrated logistics services for the support and refurbishment of tank container systems at its newly updated and expanded Weitefeld facility in Germany, the company announced on 30 August.

WEW's expanded life support services include deployed field service, support and upgrade options, full refurbishment, and spare parts supply for both military and civil customers.

The company supplies a range of tank container systems to military, chemical and logistics customers for the transport and storage of gases and liquids – from drinkable water to toxic chemicals. The tank containers are designed to withstand rough transport demands.

Work includes repair of damaged structural elements such as head frames, longitudinal rails, tank-body and attachment parts. Sealings are replaced as required, wear and tear checks are carried out on all components, hydraulic or electrical equipment is tested and repaired, including integrated heating/cooling equipment, valve control, pumps, electronic devices and power generators. The tanks are then typically pressure-tested and repainted as required.

Repaired, upgraded and refurbished units are tested and certified before returning to the customer.

Depending on the work performed servicing can extend a tank’s usability by thirty months or five years; extensive refurbishment can extend the unit’s life by a further ten to twenty years.

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