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RFA Tidesurge to begin sea trials

8th October 2018 - 08:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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The Royal Navy’s third Tide-class tanker, Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Tidesurge, is ready to begin military trials, the navy announced on 3 October.

RFA Tidesurge is one of four Tide-class ships primarily designed to refill the fuel tanks of HMS Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales and their escorts. They can also carry fresh water and aviation fuel for use by the Fleet Air Arm.

The tanker has undergone military customisation at A&P shipyard in Falmouth. The customisation work included integration of communications kit, computer systems and defensive weaponry.  

Following a brief visit to Loch Striven in Scotland to take on fuel, Tidesurge will return to the South for rigorous testing of its systems in the Channel and the navy's South Coast Exercise Areas, including communications, flight deck, replenishment rigs, engines – and carry out essential in-depth training for crew.

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