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Hensoldt modernises ATC at German airfields

17th November 2017 - 14:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Hensoldt is supplying its Aerodrome Surveillance Radar – Series (ASR-S) for German military airfields to modernise air traffic control (ATC), the company announced on 15 November.

Under a $295 million contract awarded by the German procurement authority, Hensoldt is delivering 20 radar systems to the German military.

The ASR systems will replace the 30 year old radars which have previously provided military ATC. The new radars will be used for approach control at the airfields and for airspace surveillance within a radius of more than 100km to safely coordinate military flight movements with civil air traffic.

Radar systems are already in operation at the German Air Force bases in Laupheim, Büchel, Wittmund and Untermeitingen as well as at the German Military Technical Centre WTD 61 in Manching and at the German Army Air Base in Niederstetten.

The most recent delivery was made to the German Air Force’s System Centre 24 at Trollenhagen in Neubrandenburg. System Centre 24 works as a subordinate to the Bundeswehr’s Weapon System Support Centre 2, and is in charge of maintaining ground-based radar and communications systems.

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