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B767-300ER flies with IAI's fly-by-wire boom

27th August 2014 - 09:03 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has successfully flight tested a B767-300ER aircraft equipped with a fly-by-wire (FBW) boom system, it announced on 26 August. The successful flight test expands IAI’s work converting aircraft into tankers or multi-mission tanker/transport (MMTT) platforms as a low-cost alternative to new aircraft.

IAI has previously converted B767-200ER, B707, C-130, and IL-78 aircraft into tankers for customers worldwide, including the Israel Air Force. Conversion work includes upgrade or refurbishment of a major part of the structure, wiring and systems; with new engines, military avionics, glass cockpits and self-protection systems also available according to customer requirements.  

The company believes that converting pre-owned passenger aircraft translates into a continued long-term service life at a considerably lower Life Cycle Cost than for new aircraft.

An IAI B767-200ER MMTT has been converted for the Colombian Air Force for use in support missions worldwide, including air-refueling, troop and cargo transport, and presidential transport. The aircraft also performed successfully in the US Red Flag, Canadian Maple Flag and Brazilian Cruzex exercises in 2012-2013. 

IAI has drawn on this experience in adding the B767-300ER MMTT to its platform range. With over 400,000lbs MTOW, this version can carry over 200,000lbs of fuel, additional troops and extra cargo pallets. As an improved option, the company will also offer a ‘Smart Tanker’ version which performs additional tasks while in the air, such as ELINT, SIGINT, and ESM, or serve as a communications hub or as a command and control post. 

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