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Vertical Flight 2019: Now for something completely different...

7th November 2019 - 10:05 GMT | by Glenn Sands in Farnborough


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By far the most unusual exhibit at this year's Vertical Flight Expo & Conference, although only in scale model form, was the Neoptera eOpter, an electric VTOL (eVTOL) solution for sustainable future air transportation.

The extraordinary tail-sitter will be able to carry up to five passengers or a 500kg payload. The eOpter converts to a winged aircraft with a single, non-safety critical moving part.

Arnaud Didey, founder and CEO, pointed out that traditional helicopter operations are increasingly being curtailed due to noise within urban environments, and single-engined helicopters are banned from flying over most European cities due to safety concerns.

eVTOL and the eOpter promise to solve these barriers of noise, safety and reduce operational costs with electric aircraft that are quieter, safer, cheaper to buy and operate.

Didey explained that a full-scale demonstrator is due to be built between 2020-23 with certification and pre-production scheduled for 2024.

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