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Vertical Flight 2019: Heightened situational awareness from Thales

7th November 2019 - 15:44 GMT | by Glenn Sands in Farnborough


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With 30 years’ experience in military helmet-mounted display systems, Thales has introduced a new Head Worn Display & Targeting Mission Kit specifically designed for Law Enforcement and Fire/Rescue missions at Farnborough’s Vertical Flight Expo & Conference. Intuitive augmented reality using intelligent symbology delivers positional data directly into the crew’s natural field of vision.

The game-changing autonomous Head Worn Display technology enables air and ground assets to identify, target, share and visually display critical position information in real time, simultaneously. Situational awareness is heightened, time is saved, and operational co-ordination accomplished more effectively.

The helmet can bring a 3D external world to the flight crew through projection of identified targets onto the head-worn monocular display. Key positions and locations of air and ground assets are immediately identifiable by augmented reality symbology presented directly into the user’s view, speeding up response times of the crew.

Light and comfortable kit components easily attach to the helmet or via a simple head band and everything is easily stored in a crew flight bag. The helmet can be ready to use within two minutes from start-up, making it ideal for rescue missions.

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