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Vertical Flight 2019: Danger drones

7th November 2019 - 16:54 GMT | by Glenn Sands in Farnborough


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Robert Garbett, chief executive for Drone Major, gave an in-depth discussion on the different threat levels that drones now present to aircraft operators and industry at this year's Vertical Flight Expo & Conference.

The phrase 'danger drones' was raised where a possible scenario could be where a drone is landed on top of a financial institute and the systems hacked, with the drone acting as a conduit. Garbett views drone operators in three categories:

1) New Owners who are unlikely to know of the new legislation coming into effect.

2) Those seeking to increase their social media profile by using the drones to create online views.

3) The criminal network who are using drones to impact airport operations or deliver illegal items to prisons etc.

Garbett made it clear that there is no silver bullet to the threat, and the industry needs to take a realistic approach to stop the drones from flying where they shouldn't.

The briefing was informative and insightful and ended with an in-depth Q&A. Listeners were left to contemplate Garbett’s final words that drone operations are not completely understood by the industry, but the technology now exists to 'detect, identify and defeat' them, but it’s not being used effectively.

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