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JETNET celebrates twenty years of aviation research at NBAA 2008

11th September 2008 - 00:00 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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JETNET will be proudly showcasing twenty years of success in the aviation industry, and share their two decades of expertise, at the NBAA 2008 Convention, from October 6th – 8th, at booth #4408, in Orlando, Florida. NBAA 2008 will be held at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) and Orlando Executive Airport (ORL). Among the highlights will be JETNET’s Aviation Business Index (ABI) Service, its Helicopter Database and the STAR (Statistical Analysis & Review) Reports.

Since 1988 JETNET has succeeded in delivering the best and most comprehensive business aircraft research to its exclusive clientele of aviation professionals around the globe. JETNET is the ultimate source for information and intelligence on the worldwide business aircraft fleet and marketplace, comprised of some 60,000 airframes. The Company offers services for both fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft. Headquartered in its state-of-the-art facility in Utica, NY, JETNET offers comprehensive aircraft data in a user-friendly format, via real-time internet access or scheduled updates.

JETNET’s Aviation Business Index (ABI) service debuted at NBAA just one year ago and has already become well established as the premier website for end users to find quality aircraft for sale offered by reputable dealers/brokers. Accessible through www.aviationbusinessindex.com, ABI is a worldwide portal for aviation information, offering listings on hundreds of aircraft for sale around the globe, and details on some 60,000 aviation companies. Data is updated in real-time and includes information captured by the JETNET research staff on business aircraft, executive airliners, helicopters, and more. Through ABI, visitors can also reach out to aircraft owners and aviation organizations through the on-line purchase of traditional mail or email lists. Aircraft product and service providers can also advertise on ABI at extremely competitive rates.

“As we reflect on two decades of what JETNET has accomplished, we are very proud of the successes we have had and the level of service we provide to our clients,” said President of JETNET, Vincent Esposito. “Aviation professionals from all over the world rely on JETNET for up-to-the-minute aircraft information. We can consistently provide that better and faster, and with greater reliability than anyone else in the industry. We will continue to grow and continue to be the premium vendor for what we do.”

“JETNET’s growth has been very significant,” said Paul Cardarelli, Director of Sales and Marketing for JETNET.

“Our inception two decades ago coincided with the start of the longest and most pronounced period of expansion in business aviation. Today, JETNET is used by virtually every major organization and institution in the industry, something we are truly proud of. We have never lost sight of our primary mission: to support the professional aircraft resale community and to provide the entire aviation industry with the most comprehensive and accurate data we can.”

In 2005 JETNET released JETNET for Helicopters, its initial foray into the rotary-wing sector of business aviation. Since then JETNET has come to be regarded the premier provider of helicopter data and marketplace reporting.

“Historically, there has been a lack of good data and market intel on helicopters, so most aircraft dealers and brokers avoided this specialized marketplace,” said Tony Esposito, Vice President of JETNET. “Now with JETNET for Helicopters, more sales professionals have entered the rotary-wing market. They are armed with better information and have greater confidence to succeed here.”

JETNET’s helicopter database is the largest and most complete civil helicopter database available, encompassing piston and turbine-powered helicopters, in excess of 30,000 rotary-wing airframes around the globe. Their helicopter data includes highly detailed owner/operator information, base location and interior/exterior photos, as well as comprehensive airframe and power plant specifications. This database contains the most complete and current listing of helicopters available for sale, trade or lease, as well as transaction histories on individual airframes.

“When you look at the growth this Company has had over the past two decades, you feel a great pride in how far we’ve come,” added David Cruger, Manager of Programming for JETNET. “Our Evolution interface is far and away the most sophisticated and capable in the industry.”

JETNET delivers essential information tailored for the aviation professional or business that relies on thorough, up-to-the-minute aircraft data to remain competitive. Aircraft sales professionals, fixed base operators, financial institutions and other industry experts use the Company’s data in support of aircraft transaction activities, for direct marketing of relevant services to aircraft owners/operators, and to observe and assess the aircraft marketplace.

In 2004 the renowned AvData Company was acquired by JETNET and launched as its own division within the JETNET organization. The immediate result was the infusion into JETNET of nearly four decades of additional aircraft information, archives and research expertise. AvData’s lineage dates back to 1966 when John Zimmerman launched the Company in Wichita, KS, pioneering the concept of capture, analysis and dissemination of aircraft information and market intelligence. Data was compiled then using 200+ correspondents worldwide and AvData quickly became a highly regarded, well established, and trusted resource for the industry. Today, AvData produces numerous aircraft fleet and market reports for the industry’s elite, and is best known as publisher of the popular bright yellow handbook, the annual Jet & Propjet directory of business aircraft.

STAR (Statistical Analysis & Review) Reports were launched in February 2005 as the first product of JETNET’s new AvData division. STAR is a monthly release of some 30 reports detailing and archiving events and benchmarks in the business aircraft marketplace.

“Together JETNET and AvData amass an enormous amount of marketplace data,” said Ken Green, AvData Systems Data Analyst. “STAR packages this vast information into a series of meaningful reports that allow quick interpretation of market highlights and trends.”

Lucia Frontera, JETNET’s Director of Research, added, “The release of the STAR package proved very timely. The last eighteen months have been a real shake-out for the market as a whole. Our STAR Reports can be an invaluable source of guidance to decision makers who survive and thrive on marketplace developments.”

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