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Helitech 2018: Safran’s Saudo projects success

9th October 2018 - 11:00 GMT | by Helen Haxell in London


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Six months into his role, Franck Saudo, CEO of Safran Helicopter Engines, is bullish about the manufacturer’s portfolio and production projections for the forthcoming year.

Speaking with Shephard ahead of Helitech International 2018, Saudo relayed that the company was seeing an increase of 23% over the course of the last two years in its production of helicopter engines.

‘We are to produce in 2019 close to 900 engines compared to 730 last year. So, market-wise, [in a] slow recovery scenario [there is] an increase in market share for us.

‘On top of this, we are optimistic in our medium- to long-term prospects because of the growing market in equipping emerging countries, which is an underlying driver of the market,’ he explained.

Not only is this increase being influenced by new markets but Saudo is adamant this is also in relation to the company's wide portfolio and rotary-wing centric products.

‘We are the only helicopter engine manufacturer 100% dedicated to the market for one thing. We have the broadest range of helicopter engines. We cover from the single-engine to the heavies’, Saudo said.

Another growth factor is the latest engine to the company’s portfolio the Aneto-1K which was launched at Helitech International 2017.

Explaining that development was moving along, Saudo shared that the company was moving forward with over 4,000 hours of ground tests and over 90 hours of flight tests in flight. 

'We are on track to receive a certification in early 2019,' he added.

The engine family is targeted at the super-medium and heavy end of the market with a 2,500-3,000+shp range.

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