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Heli-Expo 2015 (video): Safe Flight live demo of powerline detection system

3rd March 2015 - 20:09 GMT | by Beth Maundrill in Orlando


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Safe flight conducted live demonstrations of their Digital Powerline Detection System (PDS) and Exceedance Warning System on board a Bell 206 JetRanger during Heli Expo 2015. 

The PDS emits a pulsing, audible sound along with a visual alert when invisible powerline hazards are detected. The audible signal increases in frequency as proximity to a powerline decreases, allowing pilots to understand their relationship to the hazard and increase their reaction time. 

The device can detect powerlines at both 50Htz and 60Htz, which provides an advantage in countries such as Japan which use both grids. The capability is offered to both commercial and military aircraft. 

The company works internationally with a multitude of OMEs, with equipment in use in Asia, Europe and the Middle East as well as in the US. 

Alongside the PDS, the company is also showcasing the Exceeding Warning System. Currently the system is taking part in field trials with the US Army for installation on the Apache. 

The warning system features a collective shaker tactile warning, allowing pilots to feel their way around the aircraft’s operating envelope. The shaker simultaneously monitors several engine/rotor speed limitations, a low speed shake warms that a pre-determined operational level has been reached. A high-speed shake indicates a more urgent alert as the actual limit has been reached or exceeded. 

Alongside the two products being demonstrated on the 206, at Heli-Expo the company is also displaying its Icing Conditions Detector (ICD). 

The company is currently testing the ice detection unit with OEMs and has acquired a launch customer in the Middle East, which deliveries will begin in March 2015. 

The ICD sense meteorological conditions before ice settles on the airframe using independent optical moisture and temperature transducers. These transducers measure the moisture across the unit and the shielded temperature transducer determines the outside temperature. 

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