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Ryan Aerospace launches Helimod Mark III

16th March 2018 - 06:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Ryan Aerospace has launched the Helimod Mark III helicopter simulator, the company announced on 13 March.

The highly realistic simulator control hardware has been designed with high realism and modularity to train pilots in applications such as ab-initio hover training, effects of controls, secondary effects of controls and autorotation entries.

The simulator, coupled with a virtual reality headset, allows pilots to become fully immersed in the simulated cockpit with the ability to ‘look around the cabin’ in 360 degrees. It enables them to lean out the side and look down at a slung load or learn the basics of hovering with the ‘head out the window’. 

The simulator offers 3D stereoscopic visuals for vertical reference work and features two head-tracking sensors. It runs on a super-high end, fully configured PC.

The simulator’s aircraft-specific modules and controls can be added or interchanged. Its USB plug-and-play design allows the simulator to be used with a variety of software platforms dependent on the training requirement.

The main frame of the simulator has durable Rhino coating with recessed, rugged handles for easy movement, and a retractable wheel system. The simulator can also be used with LCD screens or projectors for the out-the-window visuals instead of/as well as the virtual reality headset.

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