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  • LWI - Land Warfare

    Lasers are coming, but are personnel protected?

    23rd April 2018

    The US Army’s recent tests of high-energy laser systems, including on the Stryker combat vehicle, illustrates a potential problem with their use; the safety of personnel ...

  • DH - Defence Helicopter

    HMS Queen Elizabeth completes helo trials

    28th March 2018

    The Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, has returned to UK waters after completing Chinook and Merlin helicopter trials. The trials were carried out ...

  • MLF - Military Logistics

    Aerogility bids to disrupt logistics market

    27th March 2018

    Logistics software start-up Aerogility has set its sights on increasing its market share of the fleet management sector as it looks to gain an edge ...

  • DN - Defence Notes

    Congress unveils FY18 US defence spending bill

    22nd March 2018

    US lawmakers are rushing to pass a $1.3 trillion spending bill before the end of 23 March to avoid another government shutdown and the US ...

  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles

    RAF preps for MQ-9B Protector

    16th March 2018

    A Royal Air Force (RAF) team based in the US is preparing the way to introduce the MQ-9B Protector into service, the RAF announced on ...

  • MLF - Military Logistics

    Terma, Scandinavian Avionics enter partnership

    14th March 2018

    Terma and Scandinavian Avionics have partnered to form an avionics test centre in Denmark, Terma announced on 12 March. Under the partnership, the companies will ...

  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles

    USMC moves forward on group five UAS requirement

    9th March 2018

    As part of the US Marine Corps' growth in airborne capabilities, an RFI for a new group five UAS has been released by the Program ...

  • DN - Defence Notes

    Joint ventures key to industry staying competitive

    7th March 2018

    In order for major defence manufacturers to remain competitive, they must shift their focus to collaborating with individual countries in a series of 'joint ventures' ...

  • MTSN - Training/Simulation

    Italian Air Force receives eighteenth M-346

    5th March 2018

    Leonardo has delivered the eighteenth M-346 trainer aircraft to the Italian Air Force, the company announced on 27 February. The delivery of the aircraft took ...

  • MLF - Military Logistics

    Norway tests F-35 drag chute

    22nd February 2018

    The Royal Norwegian Air Force has carried out testing of its F-35 drag chute system at Ørland Air Force Base in Norway.The drag chute system ...

  • DH - Defence Helicopter

    CHF probes refuelling concept

    8th February 2018

    Lt Col Will Penkman, commanding officer of 846 Naval Air Squadron, said that the Royal Navy’s Commando Helicopter Force (CHF) would like to have an ...

  • DN - Defence Notes

    Singapore Airshow 2018: Lightning strikes twice in Singapore

    8th February 2018

    The defence equipment creating the most excitement at Singapore Airshow 2018 is probably the Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II fighter, with a pair of USMC ...

  • MLF - Military Logistics

    BAE Systems to modernise US Navy ships

    5th February 2018

    BAE Systems has been awarded two contracts to modernise the US Navy’s amphibious assault ship USS America and the guided missile cruiser USS Cape St. ...

  • MTSN - Training/Simulation

    ADECS 2018: RAAF training commences on upgraded Hawk Mk 127 fleet

    26th January 2018

    With 20 of the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) BAE Systems Hawk Mk 127 fleet of 33 aircraft now converted to Lead-In Fighter Capability Assurance ...

  • DN - Defence Notes

    ​Analysis: Confusion over S-400 deal for China

    23rd January 2018

    There was confusion over last week’s announcement that deliveries had begun of the Russian-built Almaz-Antei S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missile (SAM) system to China. Reports that ...

Results from Shephard Plus

  • Integrated helmets for aircrew

    F-35 Gen III HMDS

    The F-35 Gen III HMDS is provided by a JV between Elbit Systems of America and Rockwell Collins, developed for the F-35 Lightning II. The ...

  • Air warfare - flight simulators

    F-35 Training System

    BAE Systems is involved in F-35 Lightning II Training System design and sustainment, working with prime contractor Lockheed Martin. BAE Systems leads the instructional systems ...

  • Aircraft EO pods

    F-35 Lightning II Advanced EOTS

    The F-35 Lightning II Electro-Optical Targeting System (EOTS) is a sensor that combines targeting FLIR and IRST capabilities for air-to-ground and air-to-air utility in a ...

  • Air warfare - air combat simulators

    F-35 Lightning II Training System

    The F-35 Lightning II pilot and maintenance training system is designed to blend together a variety of media to create an overall training product for ...

  • Airborne systems - integrated self-protection systems

    AN/AAQ-37 DAS

    The AN/AAQ-37 Distributed Aperture System (DAS) is an EO/IR system that offers spherical situational awareness all around the F-35 JSF. It warns the pilot of ...

  • Air warfare - air combat simulators

    Bandit Board

    The Cubic Bandit Board is an integrated low-cost tactical training capability that transmits the live P5 CTS (see separate entry) picture onto a kneeboard tablet ...

  • Air warfare - maintenance simulators

    Maintenance Trainers

    EDM's maintenance trainers provide realistic fault diagnosis and rectification training. Faults can be introduced into the training device that would be difficult to demonstrate on ...

  • Airborne - AEW and fire control


    The AN/APG-81 is an AESA multi-function radar for the F-35 JSF that incorporates the agile beam-steering capabilities developed for the F-22’s APG-77. Its multi-mode capability ...

  • Deployable infrastructure

    Multipurpose Fabric Shelters

    Big Top's multipurpose fabric shelters have a modular design and repurposing a shelter is a simple process with minimal or no structural modifications necessary, says ...

  • Airborne - AEW and fire control


    The AN/APG-80 is an agile beam radar with an AESA antenna designed to continuously search for and track multiple targets within the forward hemisphere of ...

  • Air warfare - maintenance simulators

    F-35 Lightning II ASMT

    The Aircraft Systems Maintenance Trainer (ASMT) for the F-35 provides student maintainers with training on ground operation, maintenance, fault isolation and testing procedures in a ...

  • Subsystems: visual

    Griffin Rear-Projected Dome

    The Griffin real-image display system is a high-resolution, rear-projected dome that gives high image contrast across multiple channels, as well as modular FoV up to ...

  • Air warfare - air combat simulators


    The Embedded Combat Aircraft Training System (E-CATS) provides realistic air-to-air and ground-to-air training for fighter pilots during training flights. By generating and injecting a synthetic ...

  • Subsystems: visual


    Rockwell Collins' Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) enable pilots to train with the same visual experience as in a real aircraft helmet.The StrikeEye Gen III simulation ...

  • Test systems


    Rockwell Collins' Common Range Integrated Instrumentation System (CRIIS) provides time, space and position information (TSPI) as well as systems evaluation data to support testing for ...