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News - NATO

  • Air Warfare

    NATO’s E-3A fleet more important than ever, says force commander

    18th April 2024

    NATO’s E-3A fleet will have been in service for more than half a century by the time of their expected retirement but a boost to the capability and conflict elsewhere have highlighted their importance.

  • Land Warfare

    Japan orders THeMIS UGVs

    18th April 2024

    Milrem’s Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System (THeMIS) is a modular, multimission, hybrid UGV. The current fifth-generation model incorporates knowledge gained during tests in the US, Europe and the Middle East, as well as during field-deployment in Mali in the French-led Operation Barkhane.

  • Air Warfare

    NATO progresses effort to replace E-3A AWACS fleet

    17th April 2024

    NATO’s E-3A AWACS fleet has been scheduled for retirement from 2035. The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has been leading the Alliance Future Surveillance and Control (AFSC) project to develop new options for future surveillance and control capabilities, based on future technology and requirements.

  • Land Warfare

    NATO orders more 155mm ammunition

    17th April 2024

    The contract, in the triple-digit million euro range, includes high explosive extended range projectiles, modular charges, fuzes and primers.

  • Training

    Turkey completes Romania air policing mission

    16th April 2024

    Turkish F-16 experience was praised by Romanian fighter pilots as Turkey completes first participation in NATO southern mission.

  • Training

    Hadean introduces new collective training capability at IT2EC

    10th April 2024

    Integration of capabilities of Hadean and 4C has enabled the synchronisation between real-time actions and simulations.

  • Naval Warfare

    Frigate or corvette? The new surface combatant expanding Sweden’s strategic horizons

    9th April 2024

    With the new Luleå-class vessel, the Royal Swedish Navy (RSwN) will have a class of modern capital ship that could provide a wide range of naval capabilities that it has not had before, contributing to the shaping of Sweden’s role in NATO and allowing it to perform new missions.

  • Naval Warfare

    Royal Marines transformation programme shows early signs of progress

    9th April 2024

    The UK’s Royal Marines have taken significant strides in the first year of a decade-long transformation programme focusing on advanced communications, distributed operations and enhancing its capabilities.

  • Land Warfare

    Japan orders three Mission Master UGVs

    8th April 2024

    Part of Rheinmetall's Mission Master family, the Mission Master Silent Partner (SP) is an eight-wheeled UGV designed to fulfil various logistics and battlefield support roles. Since 2017, several countries, including the UK, Netherlands and an undisclosed Middle Eastern country, have made purchases for trials and development purposes.

  • Digital Battlespace

    German military introduces central command and new cyber branch

    5th April 2024

    The German defence minister claimed the reforms would mean the 2025 military budget would require an additional €6.5 billion (US$7 billion).

  • Naval Warfare

    Norway to massively increase defence budget by 2036

    5th April 2024

    Strengthening the Norwegian Navy has been laid out as the main investment in the new long-term plan, which will increase defence spending by almost US$60 billion (NOK600 billion) in the coming 12 years.

  • Training

    Defender 24: US Army sets sails for largest US exercise in Europe

    5th April 2024

    The Defender 24 Exercise will happen from 4 April – 31 May and is linked to NATO’s Steadfast Defender 24 exercise.

  • Air Warfare

    US ponders weapons sales to Israel as UK faces calls to halt exports

    4th April 2024

    Amid calls for restraint in arms sales, the US has been reviewing an $18 billion deal with Israel, including F-15 fighters and air-to-air missiles. The UK has also been facing pressure to cease exports over potential violations of international law in the Gaza conflict.

  • Air Warfare

    NATO membership’s ripple effect: Transforming Nordic air forces

    3rd April 2024

    As Sweden and Finland embrace their newfound NATO membership, alignment with alliance requirements and regional interests could herald the dawn of a reinvigorated Nordic Air Force with enhanced defence capabilities.

  • Land Warfare

    Germany commits more money to artillery for Ukraine

    3rd April 2024

    The Russia–Ukraine war has remained at a standstill testing the commitment of NATO countries, especially the US, but Germany has been stalwart as a leading source of vital munitions and other capabilities.

Programme Results - Defence Insight

  • AEW&C

    Alliance Future Surveillance and Control (NATO)

    Programme Background NATO’s E-3A AWACS fleet is set to retire in 2035, after 50 years of service. To plan for the required follow-on capability, NATO's ...

  • Military UAS - rotary-wing, Military UAS - small

    Small VTOL UAV (Denmark)

    Programme Background 2020 Tender In January 2018, Denmark's three main political parties signed the Danish Defence Agreement, a cross-party defence white paper covering the period ...

  • Military helicopters - multirole

    EU Next Generation Rotorcraft Technologies Project (ENGRT) - (Greece)

    Programme Background EU Next Generation Rotorcraft Technologies Project (ENGRT) EU Next Generation Rotorcraft Technologies Project (ENGRT) was announced in early 2022 and the project contract was awarded ...

  • Military helicopters - multirole

    EU Next Generation Rotorcraft Technologies Project (ENGRT) - (Italy)

    Programme Background EU Next Generation Rotorcraft Technologies Project (ENGRT) EU Next Generation Rotorcraft Technologies Project (ENGRT) was announced in early 2022 and the project contract was awarded ...

  • ISR/special mission

    EC-37B Compass Call [USAF]

    Programme Background The retirement of the EF-111A in 1990 left the USAF largely out of the operational and tactical level radar jamming business. Lockheed Martin EC-130H ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    MiG-35 (Russia)

    The MiG-35 is a new-generation derivative of the twin-engine MiG-29 (NATO code-name ‘Fulcrum’) featuring multi-role combat capabilities, significantly reworked airframe and a vastly expanded arsenal ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 4x4

    JLTV (Romania)

    Programme Background  The Oshkosh Defence Joint Light Tactical Vehicle is a 4x4 armoured vehicle manufactured in the United States. Originally intended to supplement to Humvee ...

  • Trainer

    Future Aircrew Training Program (Fixed-wing Aircraft Procurement) - Canada

    Programme Background The new procurement will result in one contract covering all the requirements, including maintenance and infrastructure services. Training services are currently provided through ...

  • Trainer

    MFI-395 Super Mushshak

    The TAF deliveries will mark the first NATO customer operating the platform. The deal is believed to be worth more than $50 million. According to the ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 4x4, APCs/IFVs - 6x6

    High Mobility Armoured 4x4 Tactical Vehicles

    Programme Background Requirement The procurement of high-mobility 4x4 armoured vehicles is part of an initiative to replace a diverse fleet of utility vehicles currently in ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 8x8

    Stryker (North Macedonia)

    Programme Background In its Long-Term Defence Capabilities Development Plan (LTDCDP) published in 2019, the North Macedonian MoD outlined plans to acquire Light Armoured Vehicles (LAVs) ...

  • Military helicopters - light/training

    Future Aircrew Training Program (Helicopter Procurement) - Canada

    The new procurement will result in one contract covering all the requirements, including maintenance and infrastructure services. Training services are currently provided through two separate ...

  • Reconnaissance/patrol vehicles

    VBR-MSR Medium Wheeled Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle

    Technical Requirements The Brazilian Army released two documents outlining the technical and operational requirements for the VBR-MR programme in early 2020. These outlined a number ...

  • Loitering munitions

    Hero-30 [Italy]

    Programme Background Italian Budget As revealed by the Italian MoD's Multi-Year Defence Programme Document for 2021-2023, a new procurement programme to acquire a loitering munition ...

  • Reconnaissance/patrol vehicles

    Light Armoured Tactical Vehicles - Batch 1 (Romania)

    Programme Background Requirement The Romanian Armed Forces have an inventory of ageing TABC-79Ms and HMMWVs that are in need of modernisation or replacement. A programme ...

Equipment Results - Defence Insight

  • Major networking projects


    Airbus is delivering the NATO Deployable Communication and Information System (DCIS). The project represents a major upgrade in the capability of NATO Response Forces (NRF) ...

  • Land: RWS

    Qimek NATO

    Rheinmetall's RWS family includes the Qimek single-weapon RWS and the Nanuk dual-weapon RWS. The Qimek NATO combines full stabilisation, long-range day/night all-weather sights and a ...

  • Land: RWS

    Nanuk NATO

    Rheinmetall's RWS family includes the Qimek single-weapon RWS and the Nanuk dual-weapon RWS, which was introduced in 2008. The Nanuk NATO combines full stabilisation, long-range ...

  • Major networking projects


    Leonardo has been awarded a turnkey contract to rationalise and upgrade NATO’s SATCOM systems and associated infrastructure. The company will design, build, test, commission and ...

  • Major networking projects


    The NATO Communications and Information Agency awarded ACTIA Sodielec a contract in June 2013 to provide NATO with an Extended Advanced SATCOM Network Monitoring and ...

  • Air: mission management systems


    The contract to supply Land Command and Control Information Services (LC2IS) for the NATO Command Structure was awarded to Thales by NATO NC3A and achieved ...

  • Major networking projects

    Air Policing

    Air Policing is a collective peacetime mission that requires NATO to take action against all violations and infringements of its airspace using agreed procedures. Supreme ...

  • Major networking projects

    Ballistic Missile Defence

    In early 2010, NATO acquired the first phase of an initial theatre ballistic missile defence capability to protect alliance forces. 

  • Land: handheld day observation, surveillance and targeting systems

    LRM 1500M/1800S/2200SI

    Laser rangefinder monoculars combine laser measurement, optics and controls. The LRM 1500M is for users requiring basic functionality. It has a measurement range of 1,500m ...

  • Major networking projects


    Leonardo, together with Northrop Grumman, has undertaken a contract for the NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency to develop, implement and support the NATO Computer ...

  • Major networking projects


    ThalesRaytheonSystems is providing the French Air Force with key components of the SCCOA (Système de commandement et de conduite des opérations aériennes) programme. This provides ...

  • Crew-served assault/anti-tank weapons, Multipurpose missiles

    9M117 Bastion

    The 9M117 Bastion is an antitank missile used in a number of separate weapon systems, such as the 9K116-1 Bastion (NATO reporting name: AT-10 Stabber) and the 9K118 ...

  • Fighter - ground attack


    The Su-22 (NATO designation Fitter) is a swing-wing ground-attack aircraft developed by Sukhoi as the export variant of Su-17 designed to meet the Soviet military ...

  • Major networking projects

    Satcom Post-2000

    The Satcom Post-2000 programme gives the alliance improved SATCOM capabilities, which is important as NATO forces take on expeditionary missions beyond their traditional area of ...

  • Major networking projects

    Air and Missile Defence

    NATO Air and Missile Defence comprises all measures aimed at monitoring and reacting to potential air threats in NATO airspace, as well as countering hostile ...