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  • DN - Defence Notes

    Insight: How China’s military machine still runs on Soviet technology

    5th February 2019

    Ever since it first flew in January 2011, the J-20 fighter has been the poster child for China’s massive military build-up. The aircraft’s first flight, ...

  • MLF - Military Logistics

    Meggitt, Pratt & Whitney sign engine part agreement

    24th January 2019

    Meggitt has signed a $750 million agreement with Pratt & Whitney to continue supplying advanced composite components for the F119 and F135 engines that power ...

  • MLF - Military Logistics

    USAF logisticians look beyond ‘War Wagons’

    11th December 2018

    The US Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) is looking for next-generation logistics trailers that would be used to support Aircraft Battle Damage Repair (ABDR) operations. ...

  • DN - Defence Notes

    US withdrawal from INF upsets China

    30th October 2018

    Since the 1988 signing of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) between the Soviet Union and US, the Cold War agreement abolished all nuclear and conventional ...

  • MTSN - Training/Simulation

    CAE USA Mission Solutions acquires AOCE

    3rd August 2018

    CAE USA Mission Solutions has acquired Alpha-Omega Change Engineering (AOCE) to enhance the company’s core capabilities as a training systems integrator, CAE announced on 1 ...

  • DN - Defence Notes

    America's 'provocative' Korean military drills

    14th June 2018

    US President Donald Trump's shock decision to suspend ‘war games’, announced after his summit with Kim Jong Un, has left allies scrabbling for a response ...

  • DB - Digital Battlespace

    EW Europe 2018: New threat radars present intel challenges

    5th June 2018

    Digital radar systems that use new frequency bands and have multifunction capabilities are making it increasingly difficult for electronic intelligence (ELINT) analysts to identify emitters ...

  • DB - Digital Battlespace

    Is PLAAF harassment of Taiwan a dress rehearsal for Guam?

    28th May 2018

    The 11 May flight by the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF), yet another in a series of harassment exercises against Taiwan, may well have ...

  • DN - Defence Notes

    North Korea threatens to cancel US summit

    16th May 2018

    North Korea threatened on 16 May to cancel the forthcoming summit between leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump if Washington seeks to ...

  • DN - Defence Notes

    US jets intercept Russian bombers off Alaskan coast

    12th May 2018

    US fighter jets intercepted two long-range Russian 'Bear' bombers in international airspace off western Alaska, the North American Aerospace Defense Command said 12 May. The ...

  • DN - Defence Notes

    US troop withdrawal not linked to Korean peace pact

    2nd May 2018

    South Korean President Moon Jae-in has dismissed claims that US troops stationed in the country would have to leave if a peace treaty was signed ...

  • MLF - Military Logistics

    Aerogility bids to disrupt logistics market

    27th March 2018

    Logistics software start-up Aerogility has set its sights on increasing its market share of the fleet management sector as it looks to gain an edge ...

  • DB - Digital Battlespace

    EO/IR Special Report: Lockheed Martin promotes IRST sensors

    14th February 2018

    Lockheed Martin was promoting its Infrared Search and Track (IRST) sensors for regional fighters in the Asia-Pacific region at Singapore Airshow 2018.  Paul Lemmo, vice president ...

  • DB - Digital Battlespace

    Chinese anti-stealth T-radar: Fact or fiction?

    8th October 2017

    In early October, Chinese-language media in Hong Kong and China began reporting a breakthrough in anti-stealth radar technology with the testing of a new terahertz ...

  • MTSN - Training/Simulation

    Lockheed T-50A completes 100 flights

    6th October 2017

    Lockheed Martin has successfully completed the 100th flight of the T-50A aircraft at its Greenville facility in South Carolina, the company announced on 4 October. ...

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  • Air: maintenance simulators, Air warfare - maintenance simulators

    F-22 Training Devices

    TRU Simulation + Training F-22 MTD programme includes three training devices that provide USAF students at Sheppard AFB, Texas, with maintenance training on landing gear, ...

  • Air: chaff, flare and decoy systems, Airborne systems - chaff, flare and decoy systems


    Chaff and flare dispenser for F-22.

  • Land: jammers, Ground systems - RCIED jammer


    The DMR-22 is larger, more powerful and boasts a longer range than the DMR-2. Also a vehicle-mounted or fixed-site bomb jammer, it has a power ...

  • Land: air defence radar, Ground - land-based air defence


    The N-22 is a family of medium-range 3D surveillance radars for tactical use, mounted on a four-axle truck chassis. With reflector antenna elevated on twin ...

  • Sniper rifles, Sniper rifles

    TRG 22

    In production since 1999, the .308 Win TRG 22 medium-range sniper rifle is available in six configurations: fixed stock versions with an integrated tactical rail ...

  • Air: chaff, flare and decoy systems, Airborne systems - chaff, flare and decoy systems

    DSTL 22

    The DSTL 22 is a flare for helicopters, transport and fighter aircraft. The 1x1in flare is intended to be used in aircraft countermeasures systems to ...

  • Air: surveillance radar, Air: UAS radar, Sea: naval surveillance radar, Airborne surveillance systems, Maritime - naval surveillance systems

    AMR 22

    The AMR 22 airborne maritime surveillance radar is an X-Band multimode radarn that is provided in three variants - AMR 22A for aircraft, AMR 22H ...

  • Data links, Data links

    Link 22

    Link 22 is an ECM-resistant, BLoS tactical data communication system using fixed frequency or frequency-hopping techniques in the HF (3-30MHz) and/or UHF (225-400MHz) bands. The ...

  • Air: air combat simulators, Air warfare - air combat simulators

    Air Combat Training

    Boeing has experience in delivering training for fixed-wing air combat platforms including F-15C/E, F-16, F/A-18E/F, EA-18G, F-22 and MV/CV-22.

  • Air: helicopter flight simulators, Air warfare - helicopter simulators

    CV-22/MV-22 Osprey Training Devices

    As part of a joint FlightSafety/Bell Helicopter/Boeing team, FlightSafety was the first company to successfully design, manufacture and deliver full motion flight simulators for tilt-rotor ...

  • Trailers, Trailers


    The Silver Eagle Light Tactical Trailer – Flatdeck (LTT-F), designed to be towed by the HMMWV, has been used by US armed forces and defence ...

  • Military UAS - fixed-wing, Military UAVs


    The F-330 has been designed as a high performance ITAR-free unmanned aircraft. The aircraft is fitted with a CM160 EO and IR gimbal, which provides continuous ...

  • Military UAS - fixed-wing, Military UAVs


    The F-720 is a fixed-wing UAV with a flexible and modular design to enable it to carry multiple payloads at the same time.

  • Land: soldier modernisation systems - national programmes, Soldier modernisation systems - national programmes


    The Future Infantry Soldier as a System (F-INSAS) programme seeks to equip all India's 465 infantry and paramilitary battalions with an integrated soldier system by ...

  • Major networking projects, Major networking projects


    Battle Control System-Fixed (BCS-F) is a replacement for the fixed sites for the Region/Sector Air Operations Center, also known as Region Air Operations Center-Air Defense ...