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  • Air: maintenance simulators

    F-22 Training Devices

    TRU Simulation + Training F-22 MTD programme includes three training devices that provide USAF students at Sheppard AFB, Texas, with maintenance training on landing gear, ...

  • Air: chaff, flare and decoy systems


    Chaff and flare dispenser for F-22.

  • Sniper rifles

    TRG 22

    In production since 1999, the .308 Win TRG 22 medium-range sniper rifle is available in six configurations: fixed stock versions with an integrated tactical rail ...

  • Air: chaff, flare and decoy systems

    DSTL 22

    The DSTL 22 is a flare for helicopters, transport and fighter aircraft. The 1x1in flare is intended to be used in aircraft countermeasures systems to ...

  • Land: jammers


    The DMR-22 is larger, more powerful and boasts a longer range than the DMR-2. Also a vehicle-mounted or fixed-site bomb jammer, it has a power ...

  • Land: air defence radar


    The N-22 is a family of medium-range 3D surveillance radars for tactical use, mounted on a four-axle truck chassis. With reflector antenna elevated on twin ...

  • Data links

    Link 22

    Link 22 is an ECM-resistant, BLoS tactical data communication system using fixed frequency or frequency-hopping techniques in the HF (3-30MHz) and/or UHF (225-400MHz) bands. The ...

  • Air: surveillance radar, Air: UAS radar, Sea: naval surveillance radar

    AMR 22

    The AMR 22 airborne maritime surveillance radar is an X-band multi-mode radar that is provided in three variants: AMR 22A for aircraft, AMR 22H for ...

  • Air: air combat simulators

    Air Combat Training

    Boeing has experience in delivering training for fixed-wing air combat platforms including F-15C/E, F-16, F/A-18E/F, EA-18G, F-22 and MV/CV-22.

  • Air: helicopter flight simulators

    CV-22/MV-22 Osprey Training Devices

    As part of a joint FlightSafety/Bell Helicopter/Boeing team, FlightSafety was the first company to successfully design, manufacture and deliver full motion flight simulators for tilt-rotor ...

  • Trailers


    The Silver Eagle Light Tactical Trailer – Flatdeck (LTT-F), designed to be towed by the HMMWV, has been used by US armed forces and defence ...

  • Military UAS - fixed-wing


    The F-330 has been designed as a high-performance, ITAR-free unmanned aircraft. The aircraft is fitted with a CM160 EO and IR gimbal, which provides continuous full-motion ...

  • Military UAS - fixed-wing


    The F-720 is a fixed-wing UAV with a flexible and modular design to enable it to carry multiple payloads at the same time. 

  • Land: soldier modernisation systems - national programmes


    The Future Infantry Soldier as a System (F-INSAS) programme seeks to equip all India's 465 infantry and paramilitary battalions with an integrated soldier system by ...

  • Major networking projects


    Battle Control System-Fixed (BCS-F) is a replacement for the fixed sites for the Region/Sector Air Operations Center, also known as Region Air Operations Center-Air Defense ...