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  • DN - Defence Notes

    Taiwan will push for F-35Bs and KC-135

    7th March 2018

    It is official, no matter how illogical the procurement in the face of a massive military threat, Taiwan will request at least three squadrons of ...

  • MTSN - Training/Simulation

    USAF to get enhanced training courseware

    2nd March 2018

    US company Alpha-Omega Change Engineering (AOCE) has been awarded a $8.5 million firm, fixed-price contract modification, known as Phase 1, to produce additional training courseware for ...

  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles

    Singapore leverages unmanned and AI tech

    2nd March 2018

    The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has begun live trials of more unmanned, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) systems to overcome the island-state’s constraints and ...

  • DN - Defence Notes

    India publishes ambitious defence roadmap

    28th February 2018

    India released its ‘Technology Perspective and Capability Roadmap - 2018’ (TPCR-2018) document in late February, outlining the equipment and technology that the country’s armed forces ...

  • DB - Digital Battlespace

    UTC to supply DB-110 systems to USAF

    26th February 2018

    UTC Aerospace Systems has received a contract from the US Air Force to supply the DB-110 airborne reconnaissance system, the company announced on 21 February. ...

  • DB - Digital Battlespace

    JHMCS II for ROKAF F-16

    23rd February 2018

    Rockwell Collins ESA Vision Systems (RCEVS) will integrate the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System II (JHMCS II) helmet-mounted display into the Republic of Korea Air ...

  • DB - Digital Battlespace

    Terma 3D-Audio system for ANG/AFRC F-16

    21st February 2018

    Terma North America has received a contract from the US Air National Guard/Air Force Reserve (ANG/AFRC) to provide a 3D-Audio System for their F-16 aircraft, ...

  • DN - Defence Notes

    US fighter jet drops fuel tanks in Japan accident

    20th February 2018

    The Japanese MoD demanded explanations on 20 February from the US military after a fighter jet experiencing an engine fire dropped two fuel tanks into ...

  • DB - Digital Battlespace

    Rockwell’s ARC-210 passes DNH testing for MUOS

    16th February 2018

    Rockwell Collins' airborne V/UHF radio has passed military security requirements for operation with the US Department of Defense’s (DoD) new Mobile User Objective System (MUOS), ...

  • DB - Digital Battlespace

    EO/IR Special Report: Lockheed Martin promotes IRST sensors

    14th February 2018

    Lockheed Martin was promoting its Infrared Search and Track (IRST) sensors for regional fighters in the Asia-Pacific region at Singapore Airshow 2018.  Paul Lemmo, vice president ...

  • DB - Digital Battlespace

    UAE F-16 fleet get HUD upgrade

    13th February 2018

    BAE Systems will modernise head-up displays (HUD) on the United Arab Emirates’ F-16 aircraft under a contract with Lockheed Martin. The HUD, which sits directly ...

  • DB - Digital Battlespace

    RNLAF F-16s to receive Terma’s AAMS

    9th February 2018

    Terma has received a contract to supply its Aircraft Audio Management System (AAMS) for the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) F-16 aircraft, the company announced ...

  • DB - Digital Battlespace

    Singapore Airshow 2018: Harris expands its horizons

    9th February 2018

    Harris Defence Australia (HDA) is feeling particularly buoyant on the back of last year’s Project Land 200 Tranche 2 success in Australia. That A$1.4 billion ...

  • MLF - Military Logistics

    Singapore Airshow 2018: UTC Aerospace Systems sees growth in region

    6th February 2018

    UTC Aerospace Systems expects 'unprecedented' growth in the Asia-Pacific region over the next ten years, according to company officials attending Singapore Airshow. The company expects ...

  • MTSN - Training/Simulation

    Taiwan holds live-fire drills as China tensions mount

    30th January 2018

    Taiwan troops staged live-fire exercises on 30 January to simulate fending off an invasion, as the island's main threat China steps up pressure on President ...

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  • Air warfare - air combat simulators

    USAF F-16 ATD

    L3 Link has provided its simulated Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) and Advanced Helmet Mounted Display (AHMD) on the USAF’s F-16 Aircrew Training Device programme. ...

  • Air warfare - air combat simulators

    USAF F-16 Training System

    L3 Link is supporting approximately 180 F-16 pilot and maintenance trainers as part of the USAF’s F-16 Training System. Programme contract options extend through 2019. ...

  • Air warfare - air combat simulators

    Iraqi Air Force F-16 FMT/WTT

    L3 Link has built two F-16 Block 52 Full Mission Trainers (FMTs), two F-16 Block 52 Weapon Tactics Trainers (WTTs), two brief/debrief systems and one ...

  • Air warfare - air combat simulators

    Polish Air Force F-16 ATS

    In 2015, L3 Link received an award from the Polish MoD Support Directorate to support all F-16 Aircrew Training System (ATS) devices the company delivered ...

  • Air warfare - air combat simulators

    USAF F-16 MTC

    L3 Link has delivered F-16 Mission Training Centers (MTC) to the USAF. All F-16 MTC simulators, which are delivered in Block 40/42 and 50/52 configurations, ...

  • Air warfare - maintenance simulators

    F-16 MSAMT

    As OEM for the MTD, Rockwell Collins developed the Modular Simulated Aircraft Maintenance Trainer (MSAMT) against USAF F-16C Block 40/50 maintenance training objectives. The MSAMT ...

  • Airborne systems - integrated self-protection systems


    Raytheon's Advanced Countermeasures Electronic System (ACES) is an integrated EW suite with situational awareness and jamming capabilities designed to provide an electronic shield against anti-aircraft ...

  • Air warfare - air combat simulators

    F-16 and F/A-18 Simulators

    HRS manufactures simulators and trainers with fully functional instrument panels, cockpit displays, stick and throttle grips with controllers, visual image generation and integration of the ...

  • Airborne - AEW and fire control


    The AN/APG-80 is an agile beam radar with an AESA antenna designed to continuously search for and track multiple targets within the forward hemisphere of ...

  • Air warfare - air combat simulators

    Hellenic Air Force F-16 ATD

    L3 Link has delivered two F-16C Block 52+ Aircrew Training Devices (ATDs) to the Hellenic Air Force. The trainers enable pilots to hone air-to-air and ...

  • Airborne systems - missile launch detectors and approach warners

    AN/AAR-60(V)2 MILDS-F

    Developed in cooperation with Airbus, the AN/AAR-60(V)2 is a Missile Launch Detection System for Fighter (MILDS-F). It is the latest version of the AN/AAR-60 and ...

  • Air warfare - air combat simulators

    Air Combat Training

    Boeing has experience in delivering training for fixed-wing air combat platforms including F-15C/E, F-16, F/A-18E/F, EA-18G, F-22 and MV/CV-22. Boeing: has delivered and operates the ...

  • Air warfare - air combat simulators

    F-16 FMS

    Elbit System's FMS for the Block 15, 30/40 and 52 F-16 fighters simulates all aircraft systems, emergencies and weapon deliveries. An F-16I simulator system has ...

  • Air warfare - air combat simulators


    The Air Combat Training (ACT) simulator system is a high-fidelity package that enables training of F-16 pilots in single-ship proficiency skills as well as two- ...

  • Air warfare - air combat simulators

    Royal Air Force of Oman F-16 ATS

    L3 Link has delivered an F-16 Aircrew Training System (ATS) to the RAF of Oman that includes one full mission trainer, an IOS, computational systems ...