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  • Digital Battlespace

    BAE Systems continues F-35 EW system production

    15th September 2020

    BAE Systems has been a contract from Lockheed Martin to produce and deliver additional EW systems for Lot 15 and Lot 16 production F-35 Lightning II ...

  • Digital Battlespace

    BAE receives F-35 EW upgrade contract

    22nd August 2019

    BAE Systems has received a Block 4 modernisation contract award from Lockheed Martin to enhance the offensive and defensive electronic warfare (EW) capabilities of the ...

  • Military Logistics

    BAE completes F-35 EW systems upgrade

    5th March 2019

    BAE Systems has completed the insertion of the new technology into its EW systems for the global fleet of fifth-generation F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft, ...

  • Military Logistics

    BAE Systems to sustain F-35 EW systems

    23rd May 2018

    BAE Systems has received a five-year contract from Lockheed Martin to sustain critical electronic warfare (EW) systems on the F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft. The ...

  • Digital Battlespace

    BAE delivers 250th F-35 EW suite

    22nd September 2016

    BAE Systems has manufactured and delivered the 250th AN/ASQ-239 electronic warfare (EW) suite for the F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft programme, the company announced on ...

Results from Shephard Plus

  • Air: fixed-wing flight simulators

    F-35 Training System

    BAE Systems is involved in F-35 Lightning II Training System design and sustainment, working with prime contractor Lockheed Martin. BAE Systems leads the instructional systems ...

  • Land: NVGs

    BAE Systems ENVG III/FWS-I

    The US Army tasked industry teams with meeting its Enhanced Night Vision Goggle III and Family of Weapon Sight-Individual (ENVG III/FWS-I) programme goals of providing ...

  • Avionics: integrated helmet systems

    F-35 Gen III HMDS

    The F-35 Gen III helmet-mounted display system (HMDS) is provided by a JV between Elbit Systems of America and Rockwell Collins, developed for the F-35 ...

  • Air: maintenance simulators

    F-35 Lightning II ASMT

    The Aircraft Systems Maintenance Trainer (ASMT) for the F-35 provides student maintainers with training on ground operation, maintenance, fault isolation and testing procedures in a ...

  • EO/IR systems

    F-35 Lightning II Advanced EOTS

    The F-35 Lightning II Electro-Optical Targeting System (EOTS) is a sensor that combines targeting FLIR and IR search and track (IRST) capabilities for air-to-ground and ...

  • Air: air combat simulators

    F-35 Lightning II Training System

    The F-35 Lightning II pilot and maintenance training system is designed to blend together a variety of media to create an overall training product for ...

  • Air: air combat simulators

    RAAF F/A-18 Training Systems

    L3 Link, under contract to and in conjunction with Boeing, has delivered two F/A-18F Tactical Operational Flight Trainers to the RAAF. The service’s two F/A-18F ...

  • Air: Integrated Defensive Systems


    The AN/ALQ-178(5)+ is an internally mounted self protection systems designed and developed by Aselsan and BAE Systems for Turkish F-16C fighter aircraft. It comprises an integrated ...

  • Air: Defensive Systems - Radar Warning Receivers, EW test systems

    Model 527

    The Model 527 radar signal simulator is used for end-of-runway and walk-around radiated RWR testing to verify the operational status of the aircraft and its ...

  • Naval: RF, IR and acoustic decoys

    Sea Lightning

    Developed by a joint venture between BAE Systems and General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, Sea Lightning is being offered to the USN for the Block ...

  • Transport/tanker aircraft

    BAe 146M/Avro RJM

    BAE Systems is offering previously owned BAE 146 and Avro RJ aircraft to air forces operating ageing turboprop and jet airliners for transport and communications ...

  • Air: Integrated Defensive Systems


    The Terma Electronic Warfare Mission Support Tool (EW-MST) is an application designed to run on Windows-equipped personal computers. The purpose of the EW-MST is to ...


    The software-based Electronic Warfare Training Integrated Simulation System (EW-TISS) is designed for operators to acquire operational and analysis skills of radar reconnaissance and COMINT systems.  ...

  • Anti-ship missiles


    The Zvezda ('Star') Kh-35 is a long-range, radar-guided anti-ship missile in the same class as the Exocet. The jet-launched version of the subsonic cruise anti-ship ...

  • Air: AEW/fire control radar


    The RP-35 is a multi-mode digital phased-array coherent radar with Hands-On Throttle-And-Stick operation. Reported air-to-air modes include automatic terrain avoidance, boresight, head-up display search, raid assessment, range-while-search, single-target ...