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News - CMI Defence

Programme Results - Defence Insight

  • APCs/IFVs - 8x8, Tanks

    Tracked & Wheeled Light Tank (Philippines)

    Programme Background The decision to split the programme into a wheeled and a tracked element follows the belief of the Philippine Army that this will ...

  • Reconnaissance/patrol vehicles

    VBR-MSR Medium Wheeled Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle

    Technical Requirements The Brazilian Army released two documents outlining the technical and operational requirements for the VBR-MR programme in early 2020. These outlined a number ...

  • OPVs

    Offshore Patrol Vessel Replacement [New Zealand]

    Programme Background Requirements The Protector-class OPVs are due for replacement around the early 2030s. The 2019 Defence Capability Plan (DCP) highlighted that New Zealand would procure ...

  • Landing platform docks/dock landing ships

    Enhanced Sealift Capability [New Zealand]

    Programme Background Requirements The ship will be able to carry more people, stores and equipment. It will include a docking well, allowing the ship to ...

  • Submarines: conventional, attack

    Additional Type 212CD (5-6) [Norway]

    Programme Background Requirements As of 2023, the Royal Norwegian Navy operates a fleet of six Ula-class submarines. The submarines are expected to remain in service ...

  • Landing craft and hovercraft

    Manoeuvrable Boats [Japan]

    Programme Background Requirements According to the 2022 Defence Buildup Programme, Japan will procure new manoeuvrable boats for the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF). The boats ...

  • Landing craft and hovercraft, Landing platform docks/dock landing ships

    Logistic Support Vessel (LSV) [Japan]

    Programme Background Requirements According to the 2022 Defence Buildup Programme, Japan will procure new Logistic Support Vessels (LSVs) for the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF). The ...

  • Maritime patrol

    Maritime Patrol Aircraft (Malaysia)

    Programme Background In June 2019, The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) has confirmed to Shephard that the government has given approval for the service to prepare ...

  • AEW&C

    E-7 Wedgetail - UK (Second Order)

    Programme Background Seeking to replace its six ageing Boeing E-3 Sentry AEW&C;, the British Royal Air Force awarded Boeing a £1.89 billion contract in 2019 ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 6x6, APCs/IFVs - 8x8

    Guarani VBTP 6x6 (Argentina)

    Programme Background Although the Argentinian MoD has recognised the advantages conferred by 8x8 vehicles and expressed an interest in acquiring this capability, a formal programme ...

  • Military UAS - fixed-wing, Military UAS - MALE

    MQ-9B SkyGuardian [Poland]

    Programme Background Lease & Intention to Buy On 28 February 2022, the Polish website Defence 24 reported that Poland was to order an unknown quantity of MQ-9A Reapers as an urgent ...

  • Frigates

    Future Surface Combatant - ANZAC Replacement [New Zealand]

    Programme Background Requirements The Anzac-class frigates are due for replacement around the mid-2030s. The 2019 Defence Capability Plan (DCP) highlighted that New Zealand would procure ...

  • Landing craft and hovercraft

    Landing Craft Utility (LCU) [Japan]

    Programme Background Requirements According to the 2022 Defence Buildup Programme, Japan will procure new Landing Craft Utility (LCUs) for the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF). The ...

  • Sealift/replenishment vessels

    AS Submarine Tenders [USN]

    Programme Background Requirements According to the FY2024 US Defence Budget request, the submarine tenders will be specifically designed to conduct steady-state and wartime sustained, forward-based/expeditionary tending, ...

  • APCs/IFVs - tracked

    IFV Replacement [Romania]

    Programme Background In service as a chassis since 1982 and in its current form since 1991, the Romanian MLI-84M tracked IFV is expected to go ...

Equipment Results - Defence Insight

  • Fast attack/patrol craft and interceptors


    Antasena is an X-18 tank boat developed as a joint collaboration between CMI Defence and PT Lundin. The fast craft has been designed to support ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 6x6


    Pindad designed the 6x6 Anoa APC to meet the requirements of the Indonesian Army. Since the vehicle was publicly unveiled in November 2008, close to ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 6x6


    A prototype of the 90mm-armed 6x6 Badak (Indonesian for rhinoceros) direct fire support vehicle was unveiled at IndoDefence in November 2014 by Pindad and partner ...

  • Tanks

    Tulpar Light Tank

    Otokar unveiled its tracked Tulpar Light Tank, which mounts CMI's Cockerill 3105 turret on Otokar's Tulpar IFV chassis, at the June 2018 Eurosatory exhibition. The ...

  • Core systems: cameras and IR detectors, EO/IR systems

    NightConqueror CMI

    The NightConqueror Compact Modular Imager (CMI) is the main component of a variety of thermal imaging systems. It is used in stabilised imaging turrets for ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 8x8


    Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau produced the first 8x8 BTR-3-series amphibious APC in 2001. The series includes the BTR-3U, the BTR-3U Guardian (variant for ...

  • Land: manned turrets

    Cockerill CPWS 25-30

    The remotely-operated Cockerill Protected Weapon Station (CPWS) can be armed with 25 mm or 30 mm guns from various manufacturers and can be integrated on 4x4, ...

  • Reconnaissance/patrol vehicles

    ERC 90 NG

    The ERC 90 Sagaie 6x6 armoured vehicles were acquired by the French Army to provide a well-armed vehicle for its rapid reaction armoured units. Capitalising ...

  • Tanks

    K21-105 Light Tank

    At IDEX 2013, Doosan and John Cockerill Defense presented the K21-105 Light Tank concept which integrates the Cockerill 105mm-armed XC-8 turret on the Doosan K21 ...

  • Military - UUVs

    Gavia Defence

    The Gavia Defence AUV can be used for MCM, port security, search and salvage, ASW training, rapid environmental assessment and hydrographic survey. 

  • Major networking projects

    Missile Defence

    In 2010, NATO rolled out an initial capability to protect alliance forces against missile threats and is now examining options for protecting territory and populations. ...

  • Frigates


    The Bulgarian Navy's three Drazki-class frigates began life as four Wielingen-class (Type E-71) frigates with the Belgian Navy. The ships underwent a major refurbishment and ...

  • APCs/IFVs - tracked


    The K21 is a tracked IFV that has a two-man turret armed with a domestically produced S&T; Dynamics K40 40mm cannon, 7.62mm coaxial machine gun ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 4x4

    Commando Select

    The Commando Select 4x4 APC, built on knowledge gained from the M1117 Armored Security Vehicle’s ten years of combat theatre use by the US Army, ...

  • Major networking projects

    Defence Architecture Framework

    BAE Systems is developing a broad base of systems architecture expertise to execute network-centric warfare projects on behalf of the Australian Defence Force. This is ...