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  • Unmanned weapon systems, Military UAS - fixed-wing

    Loitering Munition

    The Loitering Munition is a fixed-wing UAV and, as its name suggests, a loitering munition manufactured by Lig Nex1. It can perform both ISR tasks with an ...

  • Unmanned weapon systems

    Green Dragon loitering munition

    The Green Dragon is a silent, tactical, low-cost loitering munition system designed to provide small ground units and SOFs with significant situational awareness and firepower ...

  • Guided munitions

    Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM)

    The Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) is a guidance kit developed for the USAF and USN that converts unguided bombs into all-weather ‘smart’ munitions. JDAM-equipped ...

  • Unmanned weapon systems, Military UAS - fixed-wing, Military UAS - mini

    Hunter 2

    The Hunter 2 is a mini-UAV and loitering munition unveiled by EDGE subsidiary HALCON at the Dubai Airshow 2021. The platform is tube-launched and is ...

  • Unmanned weapon systems

    Mini Harpy

    The Mini-Harpy is a multi-purpose loitering munition manufactured by Isreal Aerospace Industries.  Equipped with an EO/IR camera payload and up to 8kg warhead, the loitering ...

  • Unmanned weapon systems


    The Shehab is a Palestinian loitering munition that carries a 5kg explosive payload. According to Hamas' militant wing, the platform is indigenously produced. However, the ...

  • Unmanned weapon systems


    Developed by Havelsan and Transvaro, the Fedei, or Bouncer, is a loitering munition first displayed in October 2021.  Part of a broader protection system, the developmental ...

  • Unmanned weapon systems


    The UJ-32 LASTIVKA is a loitering munition manufactured by Ukrjet, a subsidiary of Ukroboronprom. It can fly at any time and season in visual and adverse weather conditions and through electronic countermeasures. The ...

  • Unmanned weapon systems

    UJ-31 ZLYVA

    The UJ-31 ZLYVA is a loitering munition manufactured by Ukrjet, a subsidiary of Ukroboronprom. It can fly at any time and season in visual and adverse weather conditions and through ...

  • Unmanned weapon systems


    The Gavran (Raven) is a Serbian loitering munition. Yugoimport, the manufacturer, describes it as a low-cost and long-rang surveillance and strike weapon. It is Serbia's first loitering munition ...

  • Unmanned weapon systems


    The Alpagu is a fixed-wing loitering munition developed by Turkey-based OEM STM. The loitering munition comes in several variants and has been designed for lightness and portability ...

  • Unmanned weapon systems, Military UAS - micro, Military UAS - rotary-wing


    The Drone40 is a tube-launched micro-UAS and loitering munition manufactured by DefendTex. Featuring a modular payload bay, Drone40 can be fitted with either an ISR, EW, ...

  • Unmanned weapon systems, Military UAS - mini, Military UAS - rotary-wing


    The Drone155 is a tube-launched mini-UAS and loitering munition manufactured by DefendTex. It is tube or ground-launched and can support a range of payloads, such as ...

  • Unmanned weapon systems


    The DEV-3 is an Armenian loitering munition manufactured by Davaro. Visually similar to Isreal Aerospace Industries' (IAI) Harop, the platform is fitted with a 10kg ...

  • Unmanned weapon systems


    The HERO-250 is a gasoline-powered loitering munition manufactured by UVision. This weapon system is designed for operating units in urban areas carrying out strikes against armoured ...