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  • Unmanned Vehicles

    PREMIUM: IAI fixes its gaze on ground robotics

    27th March 2020

    Increasingly, planners with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) aim to shield soldiers from danger if an unmanned system is a very capable replacement ­– or ...

  • Digital Battlespace

    PREMIUM: Japan wins order for Philippine air surveillance radars

    11th March 2020

    Japanese firm Mitsubishi Electric was issued a notice of award by the Philippines on 4 March to supply four radars to complete air surveillance coverage ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    IAI adds ASW capability to the maritime Heron (sponsored)

    27th February 2020

    This article is brought to you by IAI. Addressing the increasing role of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in maritime operations, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has ...

  • Digital Battlespace

    Elta to support Future Sensing programme

    26th February 2020

    Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI’s) Elta Systems has teamed up with the international accelerator MassChallenge office in Israel to offer an acceleration programme for Future Sensing ...

  • Digital Battlespace

    Czech Republic to acquire Iron Dome

    6th December 2019

    On 5 December the International Cooperation Directorate of the Israel Ministry of Defense (SIBAT), signed an agreement with the Czech Ministry of Defence, awarding IAI ...

  • Special Operations

    D-Fend C-UAS system deployed by US Special Ops

    22nd November 2019

    D-Fend Solutions has been working with the US Department of Defense to co-develop advanced counter-UAS capabilities. The company has been working with the US Assistant ...

  • Naval Warfare

    South Korea lines up new warship contracts

    22nd October 2019

    The Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN) will continue to grow in capability, with new contracts for destroyers, submarines and a next-generation LHD awarded to indigenous ...

  • Land Warfare

    KRAS receives Barak-8 order

    15th July 2019

    Kalyani Rafael Advanced Systems India (KRAS) has received a $100 million contract for Barak-8 surface-to-air missile kits from Rafael.The order will see 1,000 missile kits ...

  • Digital Battlespace

    Lockheed Martin, ELTA complete sense-off demo

    9th July 2019

    Lockheed Martin and ELTA Systems have demonstrated their radar solution for the US Army’s Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor (LTAMDS) programme. The ELTA ...

  • Defence Notes

    Philippine Air Force anticipates new assets

    4th July 2019

    The Philippine Air Force (PAF) celebrated its 72nd anniversary at the Colonel Jesus Villamor Air Base on 2 July, and its commanding general Lt Gen ...

  • Digital Battlespace

    Thailand to upgrade T-50TH trainers

    29th May 2019

    The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) is upgrading its T-50TH Golden Eagle trainer jet fleet. Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) won a contract to upgrade 12 ...

  • Land Warfare

    AUSA Global 2019: Raytheon looks to Americanise Iron Dome

    27th March 2019

    Following the US Army announcement that it will acquire two Iron Dome systems in an effort to fill a short-term need for an interim Indirect ...

  • Naval Warfare

    MF-STAR radars for Israel’s Sa'ar 6-class corvettes

    1st March 2019

    IAI's Elta Systems has received a contract to supply four ELM-2248 MF-STAR multi-function digital radars for the Israeli Navy’s Sa’ar 6-class corvettes, IAI announced 26 ...

  • Digital Battlespace

    Finland selects ELTA’s ELM-2311 C-MMR radar

    24th January 2019

    IAI's Elta Systems has received a contract to supply its ELM-2311 compact multi-mission radar (C-MMR) to the Finnish Defence Forces. The ELM-2311 C-MMR is a ...

  • Digital Battlespace

    Finland to procure counter-battery radars

    14th January 2019

    The Finnish Defence Forces' Logistics Command has received a mandate from the Finnish Ministry of Defence for the procurement of counter-battery radars following an international ...

Results from Shephard Plus

  • EO/IR systems

    Camera Systems

    Defence Vision Systems' standard camera and custom-built systems range from visible to near-IR and are designed to provide a 24h capability, working from full sunlight ...

  • Weapon sights for night use (image intensifiers)

    Sighting Systems

    Raytheon Elcan Optical Technologies offers a range of sighting systems, including TI (IR), digital and multirole optical rifle sights. Hundreds of thousands of optical sights ...

  • Land: tactical engagement simulators

    MOUT Systems

    Cubic provides instrumentation systems for urban training operations in locations in Australia, the Middle East, the UK and the US. The systems are flexible and ...

  • Subsystems: visual

    Projection Systems

    Electric Picture's projection systems are engineered for military and civilian flight simulation and maritime simulation. Edge-blended and warped displays for domes and partial domes, for ...

  • Land: soldier modernisation systems - industry programmes

    Warrior Systems

    General Dynamics Mission Systems is prime contractor and system integrator for the US Army’s Warrior soldier systems, which include Air Warrior, Future Force Warrior, Land Warrior ...

  • Air: integrated systems - unmanned systems

    Nexus Systems

    Indemnis' Nexus is a UAV recovery system designed to prevent damage to a UAV suffering technical failure. The parachute deploys in under 30 milliseconds and ...

  • Infrastructure - climate control systems

    Cooling Systems

    The Weiss Module-R Type T-C mobile tent air conditioning system, with evaporator and condenser modules, is externally installed. Module-R products contain the shock-resistant and waterproof ...

  • Air: flight control systems - unmanned systems

    Systems Integrator

    Moog is the Primary Flight Control Actuation System Integrator for Northrop Grumman’s X-47B unmanned combat air system. The system includes a fully redundant architecture featuring ...

  • Land: Electronic Attack - Jamming

    CREW Systems

    Counter-RCIED EW (CREW) systems are a family of vehicle-mounted jammers designed to prevent detonation of RCIEDs. Effective against multiple threats, they were developed to meet ...

  • Major networking projects

    Network Systems

    DRS Network Systems provides inter-networking solutions for military communications. These enable migration to more modern technologies while leveraging existing infrastructure investments. The primary focus is ...

  • Major networking projects

    BFT Systems

    Blue Force Tracking (BFT) has become an umbrella term for a number of systems that combine digital mapping, GPS positioning and navigation with networked communications ...

  • Air: integrated mission systems - helicopters, civil

    Air Operations Systems of Systems

    Air Operations System of Systems is designed to enable management of airspaces across large states and/or regions focusing on strategic planning. The system integration approach ...

  • Air: chaff, flare and decoy systems

    Chaff and Flare Systems

    Rheinmetall produces efficient spectrally balanced decoys, array flares and spot flares to protect carrier aircraft, helicopters and jets against IR-guided missiles. The decoys have an ...

  • Air: integrated mission systems - helicopters, military

    Helicopter Mission Systems

    Elbit Systems' helicopter modernisation activities are focused on upgrading existing utility and attack platforms, supplying systems for latest-generation aircraft, converting utility and assault helicopters into ...

  • Air: integrated mission systems - helicopters, military

    Airborne Mission Systems

    General Dynamics Mission Systems - Canada is the mission system integrator for the Royal Canadian Air Force’s new maritime helicopter, the Sikorsky CH-148 Cyclone.