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News - dsei 2015

Programme Results - Defence Insight

  • OPVs

    Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) Procurement

    Programme Background OMT presented the MPV80 design in September 2021 at the DSEI event in London. The 80m vessel was showcased in three configurations: Offshore ...

  • Military helicopters - attack

    AH-64E Apache (Indian Army)

    It is a hybrid procurement, as was the 2015 Air Force one (see separate entry), employing both a direct commercial sale with Boeing and an ...

  • Military helicopters - multirole


    An initial batch of two Mi-17V-5s, built at Kazan Helicopters and sold out by Rosoboronexport was ordered in September 2015 at a price of US$27.5 ...

  • APCs/IFVs - tracked

    BMP-3-Saudi Arabia

    Since 2015, there has been no further news concerning Saudi Arabian procurement of the BMP-3. This indicates that the programme may have been cancelled in ...

  • Corvettes

    Shadhinota Class (Type C13B)

    The Shadhinota class (Type C13B) corvettes are a platform based on the Type 056 Jiangdao class used by the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), built by the ...

  • AEW&C

    GlobalEye - UAE Follow-On

    The United Arab Emirates Air Force is taking delivery of three GlobalEye (known also as Global 6000) aircraft from Saab. The UAE signed a contract in November ...

  • Military helicopters - attack

    AH-64E Apache-India-Army Forecast

    The Indian Army was originally granted co-ownership of the 22 Apaches that Air Force procured by the Indian MoD. However, the IAF refused to cede ...

  • Military helicopters - attack

    AH-1Z Romania

    The Romanian MoD has a long-standing requirement for new rotary platforms, including troop transport, supply and attack configurations. According to the the Military Strategy document, ...

  • Submarines: conventional, attack

    Type 39B-Yuan Class

    Programme Background Timeline Chinese media first reported that the Pakistan Navy had agreed to buy eight modified Type 039B submarines in April 2015. The contract ...

  • Light attack, Trainer

    Light Attack/Trainer Aircraft - Ghana

    In 2013, the Chief of Ghana Air Force stated that A-29 is their preferred platform and this position was also submitted to the Government. In ...

  • APCs/IFVs - tracked

    Namer IFV

    The first prototype Namer, which was produced in Israel, was unveiled to the public in 2008. In order to speed up production, the Israeli MoD ...

  • Amphibious assault ships

    LHD - Trieste

    Programme Background The Italian Navy's new aircraft carrier programme was launched in 2015 as part of the wider Naval Protection Programme Defence maritime capacity. The ...

  • Destroyers

    Project 15B-Vishakapatnam Class (India)

    Programme Background Timeline The first ship, Visakhapatnam (D66), was laid down in October 2013, launched in April 2015, delivered on 28 October 2021 and commissioned ...

  • Tanks

    T-14 Armata (Forecast)

    Programme Background The first contract for 132 Armatas was signed by the Russian MoD in 2015. This will comprise sufficient T-14, T-15 heavy IFV and ...

  • Tanks

    T-14 Armata (Contracted)

    Programme Background The first contract for 132 Armatas was signed by the Russian MoD in 2015. This will comprise sufficient T-14, T-15 heavy IFV and ...

Equipment Results - Defence Insight

  • Military vehicle engines

    TCD 2015

    The TCD 2015 is a modern water-cooled four stroke diesel V-engine that is currently integrated on the RG41 armoured vehicle.

  • Land: vehicle surveillance/target acquisition systems

    Hawkeye Land Surveillance Systems

    Launched at DSEI 2015, the Chess Dynamics Hawkeye family of multi-sensor surveillance systems is designed to provide short- to extended-range optical surveillance and target acquisition ...

  • Land: mission management systems, Sea: maritime awareness systems

    C-Flex Compact

    At DSEI 2015, Terma unveiled the C-Flex Compact, an EO and surveillance mission system for smaller vessels. Based on the C-Flex management system, C-Flex Compact ...

  • APCs/IFVs - tracked

    BvS10 Beowulf

    BAE Systems Hägglunds launched the BvS10 Beowulf articulated tracked ATV at the September 2015 DSEI exhibition in the UK. The Beowulf is an unarmoured variant ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 8x8


    Nexter unveiled the VBCI-2 IFV, the latest evolution of its 8x8 VBCI infantry fighting vehicle, at DSEI 2015 in London. Using company funds, Nexter has built ...

  • Special operations vehicles

    LRV 400 Mk2

    Designed for rapid intervention, patrol and strike operations in harsh environments, the LRV (Light Reconnaissance Vehicle) 400 Mk2, unveiled at DSEI 2015, is a further ...

  • Towed rocket launchers


    Rafael unveiled the SPARC, a 360° remote-controlled towed launcher for its Spike non-line-of-sight (NLOS) missile, at the September 2015 DSEI exhibition in London. Spike NLOS ...

  • Avionics: mission management systems


    At DSEI 2015, Collins Aerospace (formerly Rockwell Collins) unveiled a wearable version of the FireStorm family. High Accuracy Lightweight Targeter (HALT) is able to provide ...

  • Man-portable missile systems

    Lightweight Multiple Launcher

    Unveiled at DSEI 2015 in London, the Lightweight Multiple Launcher New Generation (LML NG) system can be used on a tripod or vehicle mount and ...

  • Infrastructure - road/runway systems


    The Heavy Ground Mobility System (HGMS) is a temporary modular roadway that enables the rapid deployment and recovery of vehicles and people. The HGMS is ...

  • Deployable/static missile systems


    Thales’s ForceShield is an integrated advanced air defence solution based on customising and combining a range of product lines such as radars, communications, engagement and ...

  • Self-propelled missile systems


    The Thales RapidRanger is a lightweight multi-mission turret which can be armed to defeat air threats, such as aircraft, helicopters, UAVs and cruise missiles, as ...

  • Loitering munitions


    The Harop, and the Maritime Harop variant, is a standoff loitering munition system manufactured by Isreal Aerospace Industries. Equipped with EO/IR seekers, the combat-proven platform is capable ...

  • Land: software-defined radios and modems


    Diamond is a digital intercom and radio combiner system for use on land and maritime platforms, including high speed patrol craft. Diamond has been designed ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 8x8


    Patria launched an 8x8 armoured concept vehicle, now named AMVxp, at the DSEI exhibition in September 2013. The AMVxp builds on Patria's experience producing the ...