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  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles

    Elbit Systems launches counter-UAS system

    16th November 2016

    Elbit Systems has launched a new counter-UAS system called ReDrone, designed to provide protection of closed air spaces, national infrastructure and other critical areas against ...

  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles

    Northrop counters UAS in Black Dart

    7th October 2016

    Northrop Grumman has participated in the annual US Department of Defense (DoD) Black Dart counter-UAS technology demonstration exercise, the company announced on 5 October. Black ...

  • LWI - Land Warfare

    AUSA 2016: GD and Boeing embark on laser quest

    5th October 2016

    General Dynamics Land Systems is displaying a Stryker MEHEL 2.0 vehicle that is fitted with a 5kW laser from Boeing. The plan is to offer ...

  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles

    AUSA 2016: Silent Archer detects and destroys

    3rd October 2016

    With counter-UAS (C-UAS) technology a quickly expanding market with an immediate requirement, SRC will be showcasing its Silent Archer C-UAS to the US Army at AUSA ...

  • LWI - Land Warfare

    MDM 2016: Marine Corps hands shopping list to industry

    27th September 2016

    The US Marine Corps (USMC) has outlined a ‘laundry list’ of critical requirements, as the service transitions from a primary focus on counter-insurgency (COIN) warfare ...

  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles

    New threat, new solutions - anti-UAS systems

    25th August 2016

    As DARPA moves to announce an RfI on the development of counter-UAS systems, attention is ever more fixated on the struggle to prevent access to ...

  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles

    Farnborough 2016: Tip of the Spear

    13th July 2016

    With electronic warfare threats and counter-UAS systems increasing in proliferation, companies are looking at ways to protect and harden existing UAS systems for today's battlespace. ...

  • LWI - Land Warfare

    Eurosatory: The ones to watch (video)

    10th June 2016

    As the Eurosatory 2016 exhibition kicks off, industry is getting into position to present the latest products and technologies to military customers on the continent. ...

  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles

    Aeryon SkyRanger integrates with AUDS platform

    20th May 2016

    The Aeryon SkyRanger small UAS has been integrated into Liteye Systems' AUDS counter-UAS platform, Aeryon announced on 17 May. This new partnership and integration aims to ...

  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles

    Venom plays C-UAS role

    9th December 2015

    Northrop Grumman’s ground-based targeting system Venom has demonstrated the ability to identify and track small UAS and deliver accurate targeting data while on the move, ...

  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles

    CACI launched new C-UAS system

    23rd November 2015

    CACI International has released a counter-UAS system called SkyTracker designed to protect high-value assets and support public safety against the increasing threat posed by the ...

  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles

    AUSA 2015: More C-UAS tech emerges

    12th October 2015

    Lockheed Martin has joined a growing list of companies that are offering a product to counter the threat from UAS. Unveiled at AUSA 2015, the Icarus ...

  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles

    Saab demos Giraffe radar's anti-UAS skills

    16th September 2015

    Saab has successfully demonstrated its Giraffe AMB radar’s ability to detect low, slow and small unmanned aerial systems (UAS), the company announced on 14 September.  ...

  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles

    DSEI 2015: Selex ES hunts drones (video)

    15th September 2015

    Selex ES has unveiled a new system designed to counter the threat posed by the rapid proliferation of small unmanned aerial systems (UAS) such as ...

  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles

    Boeing demos counter-UAS laser

    1st September 2015

    Boeing has showcased the capabilities of its Compact Laser Weapon System design. The live engagement follows the company’s participation in the recent ‘Black Dart’ counter-UAS ...

Results from Shephard Plus

  • Land: counter-IED simulators

    Counter-IED Training

    Saab provides an instrumented training system enabling customers to train counter-IED procedures, from searching to identifying and destroying devices. Counter-IED training can be standalone or ...

  • Military UAS - fixed-wing

    Maveric UAS

    The Maveric is a small, lightweight UAS designed to perform covert ISR missions at the tactical level. In order to camouflage the drone, its profile ...

  • Air: UAV simulators

    UAS Academy

    IAI has established a UAS Academy for training and certification of operators and technicians. The academy was established to meet a perceived need for skilled ...

  • Commercial UAS - fixed-wing

    Lynx UAS

    The Lynx is a small UAS used for large-area precision agriculture and surveying and has an endurance of three hours with the standard mapping payload. ...

  • Land: jammers

    ELI-3375 counter-IED suite

    The IAI ELTA ELI-3375 C-IED and counter-mine suite (CIMS) is an integrated protection system for detection of surface and underground IEDs, mines and roadside bombs. ...

  • Land: air defence radar

    Counter-Artillery Detection Radar-II

    In April 2017, South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) announced that it had concluded development and successful testing of the Counter-Artillery Detection Radar-II mobile ...

  • Commercial UAS - rotary-wing

    Hex Mini UAS

    The Hex Mini is a hexacopter UAS capable of autonomous operation. Launched in under ten minutes, constructed of sturdy materials and supports gyro-stabilised ISR, mapping ...

  • Air: UAV simulators

    UAS Operator Training

    To help in the development of training applications for UAS pilots, Presagis offers a suite of integrated COTS software that can be used for simulation ...

  • Air: UAV simulators

    UAS Mission Trainer

    The UAS Mission Trainer combines an open architecture with COTS hardware and simulation software that minimises the use of proprietary designs to provide a platform-agnostic ...

  • Counter-UAS systems

    C-UAS Solution

    The C-UAS Solution uses goniometry, radar technologies and various sensors to detect and remove UAS from the air. So far, the solution has been proven effective against ...

  • Counter-UAS systems

    Cobham C-UAS

    Displayed at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) 2017 trade show in Dallas, Texas, the Cobham C-UAS primarily consists of wideband omni-directional, directional ...

  • Foremost UAS Range

    The Foremost UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Range is an area of restricted airspace, located near the village of Foremost, for UAS research and development or ...

  • Counter-UAS systems

    C-UAS Operator Assist

    Operator Assist software contributes to force protection by utilising algorithms to detect and track objects in the air and on the ground. This increases the ...

  • Land: software-defined radios and modems

    Small UAS CISR

    Cubic's Secure ISR Radio (SCISR) for small unmanned aerial systems is a rugged common data link (CDL) multi-band (L, S, and C) full-duplex transceiver for ...

  • Air: integrated systems - unmanned systems

    AsteRx-m2 UAS

    The AsteRx-m2 UAS is a GNSS receiver designed to be easily integrated into UAS applications to provide centimetre-level RTK positioning. The system’s standard connectors enable ...