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News - Polish Army

  • Land Warfare

    EDA plans joint programmes to procure or upgrade MBTs

    1st December 2020

    The latest Coordinated Annual Review on Defence (CARD) report mentions an initiative to develop and procure a next-generation MBT in the long term, as well as modernisation and upgrades of in-service platforms in the short term. Any solution will have to address aspects of C2, target acquisition, firepower, mobility, survivability and sustainability.

  • Defence Helicopter

    Philippines selects its first helicopters from Russia

    10th November 2020

    The Philippine Air Force receives its first Black Hawks from Poland, but new Russian-built helicopters are on their way too

  • Land Warfare

    Regina rollout continues in Poland

    3rd November 2020

    Krab self-propelled howitzers and command vehicles arrive with 23rd Artillery Regiment

  • Land Warfare

    Thunder rolls through Estonia

    27th October 2020

    Procurement of the K9 155mm self-propelled howitzer by the Baltic republic reflects a trend across Central and Eastern Europe

  • Land Warfare

    Poland to extend lifespan of its Cold War-era IFVs

    28th September 2020

    Market analysis is underway by the Polish MoD Armament Inspectorate for the planned overhaul of obsolete, Soviet-era BMP-1 IFVs, designated in Polish service as the BWP-1. …

  • Land Warfare

    Poland signs on the dotted line for Rosomak-S

    18th September 2020

    The Polish MoD Armament Inspectorate has sealed a series of deals for Rosomak-S APCs and artillery munitions. In line with comments in May by the …

  • Land Warfare

    South Korean MBT enters the picture for Wilk

    11th September 2020

    Hyundai Rotem is proposing a modified MBT to meet the Wilk future tank procurement requirement in Poland. The South Korean manufacturer showcased a model of …

  • Uncrewed Vehicles

    Łukasiewicz - PIAP introduces new EOD mobile robot (sponsored)

    9th September 2020

    Łukasiewicz - PIAP has launched PIAP Patrol®, a new EOD mobile, medium-sized tracked robot designed for CBRN detection and reconnaissance and counter-IED purposes. Because of …

  • Land Warfare

    Baltic armies continue to modernise with a wary eye on Russia

    7th September 2020

    The Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania may accelerate their rearmament programmes by developing their own weapon systems as well as procuring them from …

  • Land Warfare

    IAI markets EO sensor to detect gunfire

    4th September 2020

    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is marketing a compact sensor that brings improved technology to detect gunfire. ELO-5220P Othello is an optical threat locator that provides precise information …

  • Defence Notes

    EDCA signals deeper US ties with Poland

    20th August 2020

    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (left of picture) and Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak signed an Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) on 15 August, …

  • Land Warfare

    Rafael partners with Polish company for Spike SR production

    14th July 2020

    Rafael is to deepen its industrial co-operation in Poland with Mesko, after the two companies agreed on 14 July to co-produce the Spike Short Range …

  • Training

    EDRE marks end of DEFENDER-Europe 20

    14th July 2020

    The DEFENDER-Europe 20 exercise, disrupted by COVID-19, will culminate when a US-based combined arms battalion conducts an Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise (EDRE) to Europe from …

  • Land Warfare

    Poland orders more Grot rifles

    10th July 2020

    The Polish MoD has ordered 18,000 more MSBS Grot (‘Arrowhead’) rifles for the country’s army from FB Łucznik – Radom. Deliveries will take place from …

  • Land Warfare

    COVID-related production problems prompt Poles to pick alternative Honker replacement

    3rd July 2020

    The Polish MoD is buying Ford Ranger XLT vehicles for the army to replace a fleet of Honker 4x4 off-road vehicles, after a previous deal …

Programme Results - Defence Insight

  • Tanks


    Programme Background The Wilk programme was included in the Polish MoDs Technical Modernisation Plan of the Polish Armed Forces for 2021-2035. It was primarily aimed ...

  • Military UAS - fixed-wing, Military UAS - mini

    Wizjer (Poland)

    Programme Background Requirements In its Technical Modernisation Programme 2013-2022, the Polish Ministry of National Defense (MND) identified the need for several new types of UAVs ...

  • Special operations vehicles

    Pegaz Special Operations Vehicles

    Programme BackgroundRequirementThe Polish MoD has a long-standing requirement to procure a new 4x4 tactical vehicle to replace the M1165A1 HMMWVs and Oshkosh M-ATVs currently in ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 8x8

    Rosomak (Poland - 2nd Batch)

    Programme BackgroundRequirementThe Polish Army selected Patria's XC-360 Armored Modular Vehicle (AMV) to meet its requirement for a new 8x8 armoured vehicle to replace the Cold ...

  • APCs/IFVs - tracked

    NBPWP Borsuk

    Programme Background One of the highest priority equipment procurement programmes for the Polish MoD is the procurement of a new, NATO-standard platform to replace around ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 8x8

    Rosomak-WD (Third Batch)

    Programme Background The Polish Army selected the Rosomak 8x8 armoured vehicle (a version of Patria's Armored Modular Vehicle (AMV) 8x8 produced under licence by Rosomak) ...

  • Tanks

    M1A2 SEPv3 Abrams (Poland)

    Programme Background Requirement Since the early 2010s Poland wanted to upgrade its Soviet-era tank fleet due to modernisation requirements, the need to increase interoperability with NATO ...

  • Tanks

    K2 (Poland) - Phase I

    Programme Background Requirement Poland's K2 purchase is the successor of the Wilk programme which aimed to replace the country's Soviet-era T-72 and PT-91 MBTs with a ...

  • Tanks

    M1A2 SEPv3 Abrams (Forecast - Poland)

    Programme Background Requirement The Polish Army wants to replace its legacy Soviet T-72 MBTs with new NATO-standard platforms to increase interoperability with its allies and ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 4x4

    4x4 Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle (Poland)

    Programme Background The Polish Army wants to replace legacy Soviet equipment procured during the Cold War with new NATO-standard platforms to enhance its interoperability with ...

  • Military helicopters - attack

    Kruk Attack Helicopter Programme - Poland

    Programme Background Requirement The project is part of Poland’s long-term defence modernisation plan with Wojciech Skurkiewicz, the Polish deputy defence minister releasing some details of ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 6x6, APCs/IFVs - 8x8, APCs/IFVs - tracked

    Poland Ottokar-Brzoza Tank Destroyer

    Programme Background Poland's 14th Anti-Tank Artillery Regiment was previously equipped with the obsolete 9P133, a variant of the Soviet BRDM-2 armoured vehicle equipped with a launcher for ...

  • Reconnaissance/patrol vehicles, Special operations vehicles

    Żmija Long-Range Reconnaissance Vehicle

    Programme Background The Polish Army launched a tender to procure 118 Żmija Long Range Reconnaissance Vehicles (LRRVs) in March 2015. This programme is part of a ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 8x8

    Serwal Wheeled Armoured Vehicle

    Programme Background The existence of the Serwal programme was first revealed in May 2020, when the Secretary of State at the Polish MoD informed the ...

  • Military UAS - fixed-wing, Military UAS - small

    Gladius (Poland)

    Programme Background Contract Signing On 6 May 2022, the Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, the president of the WB GROUP, Piotr Wojciechowski and the head ...

Equipment Results - Defence Insight

  • Air: helicopter flight simulators

    German Army Aviation School

    CAE is the prime contractor for the German Army’s Night-Time Low-Level Flight Training Facility, commonly known as the German Army Aviation School, at Bückeburg. This ...

  • Air: helicopter flight simulators


    L3Harris Technologies is the prime contractor for the US Army’s Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (AVCATT) Post Deployment Software Support (PDSS) programme. L3Harris Technologies is ...

  • Land: mission management systems

    Comm@nder Army

    Comm@nder Army is an integrated C4I system suitable for use in command post operational environments (infrastructure, shelter-based), providing specialised application services from the HQ of ...

  • Air: air combat simulators

    Polish Air Force F-16 ATS

    In 2015, L3 Link (now L3Harris Technologies) received an award from the Polish MoD Support Directorate to support all F-16 Aircrew Training System (ATS) devices ...

  • Air: helicopter flight simulators

    Polish Air Force SW-4 FFS

    CAE is under contract to provide an SW-4 helicopter FFS to support training at the Polish Air Force (PAF) School in Deblin. The SW-4 is ...

  • Air: helicopter flight simulators

    British Army Apache Training Facilities

    Aviation Training International (ATIL) – a Leonardo Helicopters/Boeing joint venture formed in 1998 - was selected to provide the attack helicopter training service to the ...

  • Air: helicopter flight simulators

    ROC Army UH-60M OFT

    L3 Link (now L3Harris Technologies) gained ready-for-training certification in 2015 on two UH-60M OFT delivered to the Taiwan Army. These training devices are similar to ...

  • Air: helicopter flight simulators

    Australian Army S-70 Training System

    The Australian Army S-70A-9 Black Hawk is a turnkey programme including a full flight and mission simulator (FF&MS;), building, facilities and maintenance support. This CAE-built ...

  • Air: helicopter flight simulators

    German Army CH-53 Simulator Upgrades

    In 2011, CAE completed major upgrades on two CAE-built CH-53 full mission simulators operated at the German Army Aviation School at Bückeburg. Airbus Helicopters has ...

  • Air: helicopter flight simulators

    US Army Flight School XXI OFT/RCTD

    L3Harris Technologies is a major subcontractor to CSC on the US Army’s Flight School XXI (FSXXI) programme. L3Harris Technologies has built or is under contract ...

  • Major networking projects

    Army BCT Modernisation Program Increment 1

    The US Army brigade combat team (BCT) modernisation strategy will build a mix of mobile, networked BCTs that can gain leverage from mobility, protection, information ...

  • Air: helicopter flight simulators

    ROK Army AH-1 and S-70 Training Devices

    CAE designed two training devices for the Republic of Korea Army (ROKA) – an AH-1 Cobra WST and an S-70 Black Hawk OF). The WST ...

  • Air: Defensive Systems - Radar Warning Receivers


    The TDS-H threat detection system is a compact, user-programmable RWR. Its sensitive instantaneous frequency-measurement capability enables high POI and early warning. The system utilises miniaturised ...

  • APCs/IFVs - tracked

    Anders Multirole Combat Platform

    The tracked WPB Anders multirole combat platform was designed to replace the BMP-1 IFV and other vehicles in Polish Army service. The Anders family is ...

  • Tanks


    The PT-91 Twardy (Hard) tracked MBT is a derivative of the Soviet T-72M1 produced under licence in Poland by Zaklady Mechaniczne Bumar Łabedy, now part ...