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Programme Results - Defence Insight

  • Transport

    C-130J-30 (Philippines)

    Programme Background In September 2021, the Philippine House of Representatives approved five new C-130J-30s, with a down payment of PHP5.5 billion ($101.85 million) appearing in ...

  • Frigates

    De Zeven Provinciën-class Replacement [Netherlands]

    Programme Background Replacements The De Zeven Provinciën-class air defence and command platforms, which are in service with the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN), are expected to be ...

  • Transport/tanker aircraft

    A400M-Forecast (Indonesia)

    Programme Background The TNI-AU currently relies on 17 Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules and L-100-30 aircraft, including five C-130Hs transferred from Australia. Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU) is ...

  • ISR/special mission, Military UAS - fixed-wing, Military UAS - MALE

    Q02 (Qatar)

    Programme Background Reiner developed the Q01 jointly with the Emirate of Qatar, primarily for the Qatar Armed Forces. It was introduced at the ILA Berlin Air ...

  • Military helicopters - transport/heavy lift, Tiltrotors

    Heavy Lift/Transport Helicopters - Indonesia

    Indonesia issued a letter of request for pricing, which eventually triggered the announcement by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) in the US. Yet the Indonesian ...

  • Military UAS - rotary-wing, Military UAS - tactical

    Camcopter Project (Thailand)

    Programme Background Batch One In November 2019, as reported by Shephard, Schiebel was awarded a TBH600 million ($18.76 million) contract from the Royal Thai Navy (RTN) ...

  • Landing craft and hovercraft

    LCU Replacement [Netherlands]

    Programme Background Requirements The Netherlands currently operates five landing craft utility (LCU) MKII vessels which are due to be replaced in 2031. In October, De Haas ...

  • Military UAS - small

    Indonesia MSI ScanEagle

    Programme Background The US first offered the Indonesia Military (TNI) a grant under Foreign Military Financing (FMF) that covered ScanEagle UAVs and the upgrade of ...

  • Landing craft and hovercraft

    LCVPs Replacement [Netherlands]

    Programme Background Requirements The Dutch Marine Corps needs to replace 12 Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVP) from 2025. The current LCVPs will reach the end ...

  • Landing platform docks/dock landing ships

    LPDs/OPVs Replacement Programme [Netherlands]

    Programme Background Requirements The RNLN will need to replace the ageing LPDs Rotterdam and Johan de Witt when the vessels' service lives come to an ...

  • Transport/tanker aircraft

    A400M (Indonesia)

    Programme Background The TNI-AU currently relies on 17 Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules and L-100-30 aircraft, including five C-130Hs transferred from Australia. Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU) is ...

  • Maritime patrol

    Maritime Patrol Aircraft (Malaysia)

    Programme Background In June 2019, The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) has confirmed to Shephard that the government has given approval for the service to prepare ...

  • Trainer

    Future Aircrew Training Program (Fixed-wing Aircraft Procurement) - Canada

    Programme Background The new procurement will result in one contract covering all the requirements, including maintenance and infrastructure services. Training services are currently provided through ...

  • APCs/IFVs - tracked

    CV90 (Ukraine)

    Programme Background Announced at the NATO Defense Ministers’ Meeting in Brussels in June 2023, Ukraine formally signed a Joint Declaration on Cooperation in the Procurement and Operation ...

  • Loitering munitions

    Phoenix Ghost (Ukraine Aid) [US]

    Programme Background Presidential Drawdown (21 April 2022) Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, on 21 April 2022, President Biden announced an $800 ...

Equipment Results - Defence Insight

  • Land: range systems and targets

    Digital Modular Shoot House

    Turnkey custom-designed Digital Modular Shoot Houses can be provided to meet an organisation’s requirement for a close-quarters live-fire facility. The house provides a platform to ...

  • Land: range systems and targets


    The Modular Armored Tactical Combat House (MATCH) is a live-fire 360° ballistically safe shoot house designed to teach and practise close-quarter urban battle skills such ...

  • Land: infantry weapon simulators


    The Live-Fire System Trainer (LST) is an add-on option to Laser Shot military training systems. Its live-fire camera tracks replicate thermal heat signatures of ball ...

  • Air: AEW/fire control radar


    The RC family comprises compact multi-mode radars of modular construction aimed at combat aircraft and advanced trainers, developed from the Mirage 2000-5’s RDY radar. The ...

  • Air: air combat simulators


    L3Harris Technologies has provided its simulated Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) and Advanced Helmet Mounted Display (AHMD) on the USAF’s F-16 Aircrew Training Device programme. ...

  • Land: infantry weapon simulators

    EST 2000

    The Engagement Skills Trainer (EST) 2000 – described as the US Army’s only validated marksmanship trainer – teaches individual marksmanship skills, squad-level collective defence and ...

  • Subsystems: software

    Judgmental Training Software

    The Judgmental Training Software (JTS) is Laser Shot’s latest advancement in firearms training technology. It provides judgemental training through the use of interactive, HD video ...

  • Land: tactical engagement simulators

    Combat Training Range Instrumentation

    Combat training range instrumentation systems are meant for live-fire, force-on-force and constructive combat training ranges. GD OTS provides systems for dismounted and mounted player tracking and ...

  • Land: range systems and targets

    Infantry Shoot Back System

    Saab's Infantry Shoot Back System is a laser-based automated friend-or-foe target system for use in MOUT and open terrain training areas. Soldiers armed with a ...

  • Ground control stations

    Ground Control Station (GCS)

    Aertec Solutions GCS station has been designed with in-house technology and allows for various types of unmanned vehicles to be controlled from the system.

  • Land: fire support simulators

    Advanced Howitzer Simulator

    The Advanced Howitzer Simulator is a virtual self-propelled howitzer simulator for the entire crew, which provides training of operational and degraded modes, including direct fire, ...

  • Land: Radio and SATCOM


    Formerly known as SVFuA, SOVERON D is a software-defined radio designed for vehicular applications. Cleared for communications up to the NATO SECRET level, it can house ...

  • EW test systems

    EMC Test Facility

    ECS has a custom-built semi anechoic chamber used for in-house product development and pre-compliance testing which is available to hire to outside organisations. The chamber ...

  • Air: AEW/fire control radar

    RP-25 Sapfir 25

    The RP-25 Sapfir 25 is a look-down/shoot-down radar for the MiG-25PD interceptor of late-1970s vintage, developed as a replacement for the RP-25 that was compromised ...

  • Submachine guns

    FN P90

    FN Herstal introduced the FN P90 PDW in 1990 to fire its 5.7x28mm cartridge. Both were developed with the aim of providing a more efficient ...