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  • DB - Digital Battlespace

    THAAD rushed to South Korea

    9th March 2017

    In immediate response to North Korea's firing of four ballistic missiles, three of which landed in Japan's exclusive economic zone, the US deployed the first ...

  • LWI - Land Warfare

    South Korea boosts rocket and missile inventory

    7th February 2017

    Due to the threat from its northern neighbour, South Korea is implementing plans to deploy greater quantities of Hyunmoo missiles, as well as a new ...

  • DH - Defence Helicopter

    South Korea to modernise helicopter fleet

    24th January 2017

    South Korea is modernising its military helicopter fleet via a recently unveiled plan that includes buying additional maritime-based rotorcraft and upgrading existing Chinooks. The Defense ...

  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles

    South Korea counters neighbour with UAV tech

    23rd January 2017

    Earlier this month the Ministry of National Defense in South Korea announced plans to field a laser-based counter-UAV system by 2020. Seoul estimates that North ...

  • DN - Defence Notes

    China’s security White Paper ignores Taiwan

    16th January 2017

    In the latest edition of China’s White Paper, ‘China’s Policies on Asia-Pacific Security Cooperation,’ Taiwan is as conspicuously invisible as the Cheshire Cat. Released by ...

  • DN - Defence Notes

    North Korea offers up challenge for Trump

    11th January 2017

    As North Korea prepares to test its first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump will face tough choices on how ...

  • DH - Defence Helicopter

    The year ahead: The Asia-Pacific region

    5th January 2017

    Within the Asia-Pacific region the year just passed was pretty much dominated by the machinations of one country – China – and there is little ...

  • DN - Defence Notes

    Korean defence companies enjoy explosion

    4th December 2016

    South Korean defence companies exploded amongst the ranks of the top 100 global defence companies, according to data released by the Stockholm International Peace Research ...

  • DN - Defence Notes

    Japan and Korea to share intelligence

    24th November 2016

    Neighbours Japan and South Korea signed a military intelligence-sharing agreement on 23 November. The impetus for this is North Korea’s belligerent ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programme. ...

  • NWI - Naval Warfare

    South Korea to bolster coast guard

    13th November 2016

    The Korea Coast Guard (KCG) has unveiled a plan to bolster its fleet and improve maritime security in waters surrounding South Korea. The initiative first ...

  • RH - Rotorhub

    Helitech 2016: Kaman optimistic for European orders

    16th October 2016

    Recently reopening its K-Max production line, Kaman is optimistic that orders in Asia combined with a presence at Helitech International will be indicative of sales growth ...

  • DB - Digital Battlespace

    South Korea mulls extra AEW&C aircraft

    11th October 2016

    The South Korean air force is planning to add two Boeing E-737 airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft to its fleet. The acquisition of ...

  • DN - Defence Notes

    Analysis: Cutting the PLA to the corps

    8th September 2016

    The People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the armed forces of China’s communist party, is undergoing a series of radical reformations. The slashing of 300,000 personnel by ...

  • DN - Defence Notes

    PLA theatre commands outlined

    8th September 2016

    Revealed in late August, the latest reorganisation of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will see the abolition of all its group armies (or corps), of ...

  • UV - Unmanned Vehicles

    Japan professes desire for Israeli UAVs

    12th August 2016

    The Japan Self-Defence Force (JSDF) is buying three Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk Block 30 UAVs, but it is simultaneously exploring cooperation with Israel because ...

Results from Shephard Plus

  • Land: fire control systems

    Korea Special-Purpose Weapon

    Development of the Korea Special-Purpose Weapon (KSPW) to meet the requirements of South Korea's special forces was announced in 2010 and the system was unveiled ...

  • Counter-UAS systems

    Drone Killer

    The Uconsystem Drone Killer was unveiled in October 2015 and was developed in response to a UAV threat from North Korea, which saw four North ...

  • Fast attack/patrol craft and interceptors


    The Gumdoksuri class of fast attack craft is designed to replace the Republic of Korea Navy's ageing fleet of Sea Dolphin vessels in the coastal ...

  • Military UAS - fixed-wing


    RemoEye-002B is a close-range mini-UAV constructed using composite materials that can be prepared and launched in 5min. Its features include changeable fight modes during mission, ...

  • Military UGVs

    SCOBOT 200

    The SCOBOT 200 is a larger two-tracked version of the SCOBOT 100 (see separate entry). It can be used for EOD tasks. It was tested ...

  • Destroyers

    Maya-Class (27DD)

    The Maya-class (27DD) destroyers are the latest in a long line of modern destroyer classes for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). Well aware of ...

  • Frigates


    Krivak-class (Project 1135) frigates first entered in service in 1970 and various types of the class have entered service, particularly the Indian Navy's Talwar class ...

  • Destroyers

    Sejong the Great Class (KDX-III) Batch 1

    The Sejong the Great-class of destroyers were built for the Republic of Korea Navy (RoKN) as the third iteration of their KDX continuous destroyer construction ...

  • Destroyers

    Chungmugong Yi Sun Shin Class (KDX-2)

    The Chungmugong Yi Sun Shin class (KDX 2) is a class of multi-purpose destroyers in service with the Republic of Korea Navy. Six ships were developed ...

  • Deployable/static missile systems

    Aegis Ashore

    Aegis Ashore is the first operational land-based version of the Aegis Combat System originally developed by Lockheed Martin for the US Navy's Ballistic Missile Defence ...

  • Frigates

    Daegu-Class (FFX II)

    The Daegu-class frigates for the Republic of Korean Navy (RoKN) will be a follow-on batch from the recently built Incheon-class frigates. Sometimes the ships are ...

  • Corvettes

    Pohang Class

    The Pohang class corvettes were designed and built for the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN) with a total of 24 ships constructed of either an ...

  • Landing platform dock


    To meet its requirement for a new amphibious ship, the Republic of South Korea Navy (ROKN) selected the Dokdo design from Hanjin Heavy Industries. The ...

  • Self-propelled rocket launchers

    K239 Chunmoo

    Doosan (now Hanwha Defense) developed the K239 Chunmoo long-range 16-round multicalibre MRL to replace the Doosan K136 Kooryong 130mm 36-round unguided MRL in Republic of ...

  • Land: battlefield and ground surveillance radar

    Ground Artillery Location Type 904

    The 904 artillery locating radar is designed to provide rapid and accurate location of various hostile artillery and rocket launcher positions simultaneously. It has a ...