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  • Land: fire control systems, Fire control systems

    Korea Special-Purpose Weapon

    Development of the Korea Special-Purpose Weapon (KSPW) to meet the requirements of South Korea's special forces was announced in 2010 and the system was unveiled ...

  • Fast attack/patrol craft and interceptors, Fast attack / patrol craft and interceptors


    The Gumdoksuri class of fast attack craft is designed to replace the Republic of Korea Navy's ageing fleet of Sea Dolphin vessels in the coastal ...

  • Military UGVs, Military UGVs

    SCOBOT 200

    The SCOBOT 200 is a larger two-tracked version of the SCOBOT 100 (see separate entry). It can be used for EOD tasks. It was tested ...

  • Commercial UAS - fixed-wing, Commercial UAVs

    White Condor

    White Condor is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The polymer electrolyte cell has been developed by a senior researcher at KIMS. The cell contains ...

  • Deployable/static missile systems, Ground-launched air defence missiles

    Aegis Ashore

    Aegis Ashore is the first operational land-based version of the Aegis Combat System originally developed by Lockheed Martin for the US Navy's Ballistic Missile Defence ...

  • Military UAS - fixed-wing, Military UAVs


    The multi-mission KUS-FS (formerly the KUS-15) is South Korea’s first indigenously developed MALE UAV. It has an expected in-service date with the ROK armed forces ...

  • Self-propelled rocket launchers, Self-propelled artillery rocket launchers

    K239 Chunmoo

    Doosan (now Hanwha Defense) developed the K239 Chunmoo long-range 16-round multicalibre MRL to replace the Doosan K136 Kooryong 130mm 36-round unguided MRL in Republic of ...

  • Military UAS - fixed-wing, Military UAVs


    RemoEye-006 is in service with the Republic of Korea Marine Corps, with first deliveries occurring in 2009.

  • Land: battlefield and ground surveillance radar, Ground - battlefield and ground surveillance

    Ground Artillery Location Type 904

    The 904 artillery locating radar is designed to provide rapid and accurate location of various hostile artillery and rocket launcher positions simultaneously. It has a ...

  • Commercial UAS - rotary-wing, Commercial UAVs


    The Blueye-6K-T UAV is designed for ocean and coastal water surveys with power supplied through a cable connected to a large battery on the ground. ...

  • Commercial UAS - rotary-wing, Commercial UAVs


    The Blueye-Police is dedicated for the use of finding missing persons in less accessible rural environments such as mountains and cliff faces. The platform has ...

  • Commercial UAS - rotary-wing, Commercial UAVs

    ED 605 Falcon

    The ED 605 is a hexa-rotor platform designed to provide light cargo transport as well as surveillance and infrastructure inspection. The company lists standard payloads ...

  • Major networking projects, Major networking projects


    Battle Control System (BCS) is a USAF Acquisition Category 1 major automated information system programme that provides air sovereignty C2 for the North American Aerospace ...

  • Civil helicopters - medium, Rotorcraft

    KUH Surion

    In June 2006, the South Korean MoD awarded Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), partnered with Airbus Helicopters, a contract to develop its solution for the Korea ...

  • Military UAS - fixed-wing, Military UAVs

    Seeker 400

    Currently in development by Denel. In February 2014, it completed its first flight tests at the Alkantpan range in North Cape, South Africa. The Seeker ...