Seeing further and better than the enemy (sponsored video)

30th November 2020 - 11:00 GMT | by Industry Spotlight


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Sensor vision is one of the most important advantages on today’s battlefield

Sensor vision allows warfighters and intelligence collectors to see further and better than the enemy does – especially in reduced or remote visual environments. Sensor training – or instrumentation enablers – has become an essential component of today’s simulation requirements – both on and above the battlefield.

For nearly 30 years, Presagis has specialized in the 3D aerial sensor simulation of terrain using Electro-optical, RADAR, Infrared, and LiDAR sensor signals. Their company has developed material classification workflows and material encoding techniques to support the physics-based modeling of wave frequency propagation, reflections, and diffraction. As an industry leader, the range and quantity of Presagis software products throughout the DoD and aerospace OEM community is substantial.

Presagis has been steadily developing and releasing what many consider the highest quality sensor simulation software in the industry, the Ondulus suite of products provide the realism needed for research and design, as well as the accuracy and immersion required for mission training in a Common Operating Environment.

The Ondulus Suite is comprised of four distinct, standalone applications: IR, LiDAR, NVG, LLLTV, and Radar. Each one is part of an end-to-end modeling and simulation framework that includes database & 3D modeling tools, native OGC CDB support, terrain material classification tools, computer-generated forces, flight dynamics and modelling. All of these applications (except Radar) can be integrated into game engine technology, such as Unreal Engine.

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