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  • Unmanned Vehicles

    SeeByte connects underwater autonomy and communications

    12th October 2020

    Increased real-time environmental awareness may allow robotic underwater vehicles to maximise their in-field persistence and operational effectiveness

  • Digital Battlespace

    Simulated MCM survey includes multi-architecture autonomy

    20th August 2020

    UK-based SeeByte and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US have joined forces in trials to test a multi-architecture autonomy framework. The Neptune ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    RNZN upgrades to SeeTrack V4 UUV software

    15th June 2020

    SeeByte has confirmed that the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) has upgraded its unmanned maritime system from SeeTrack V3 to SeeTrack V4. The latest software ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    SeeByte to extend USN UUV capabilities

    4th June 2020

    SeeByte has secured its first delivery order in the second option year of a five-year contract from the USN. The UK-based company will provide engineering, ...

  • Naval Warfare

    SeeTrack v4 licences renewed by Belgian Navy

    12th May 2020

    The Belgian Navy has renewed its SeeByte’s SeeTrack v4 licence for use on its fleet of UUVs and at the Belgian-Dutch Naval Mine Warfare school, ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    RNLN integrates SeeByte’s Neptune into AUV fleet

    2nd October 2018

    The Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN) has integrated SeeByte’s Neptune software into its fleet of Remus 100 AUVs, the company announced on 28 September. In addition ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    SeeByte renews UK MASTT software licences

    24th July 2018

    SeeByte has renewed all SeeTrack and Neptune licences currently used by the Royal Navy’s Maritime Autonomous Systems Trials Team (MASTT), the company announced on 18 ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    Northrop integrates data collected from AQS-24B to SeeTrack

    4th July 2018

    Northrop Grumman is partnering with SeeByte to incorporate AQS-24B mine hunting sensor data into the SeeTrack system to enhance its autonomous target recognition (ATR) capability. ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    SeeByte optimises MCM mission planning

    6th June 2018

    SeeByte has launched an Area Breakdown Tool (ABT) to assist unmanned maritime system (UMS) operators in planning complex mine countermeasure (MCM) missions, the company announced ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    ASV Global continues trials under ASSSS project

    18th May 2018

    ASV Global is continuing to carry out trials for the Autonomous Surface and Sub-surface Survey System (ASSSS) collaborative research project, the company announced on 16 ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    Belgian Navy upgrades software for AUV fleet

    25th April 2018

    The Belgian Navy has renewed SeeByte’s SeeTrack licences for its existing AUV fleet, SeeByte announced on 20 April. The renewal upgrades the software technology to ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    SeeByte wins MK18 UUV support contract

    29th November 2017

    SeeByte has received a $22.59 million contract to provide engineering, technical support, and training services over five years for the US Navy's MK18 unmanned underwater ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    Unmanned demos come with demanding cost

    21st August 2017

    An increasing number of unmanned demonstrations, similar to the Royal Navy’s Unmanned Warrior in 2016, are on the horizon as end users continue to get ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    Qinetiq to lead MAPLE phase four

    18th August 2017

    Qinetiq will lead phase four of the Maritime Autonomous Platform Exploitation (MAPLE) project for the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) under a £4.5million contract ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    Saudi Aramco acquires Teledyne Gavia AUV

    1st August 2017

    Saudi Aramco has acquired a Teledyne Gavia Offshore Surveyor autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) to meet growing demand for hydrographic survey services, the company announced on 27 ...

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  • Military - USVs


    The Maritime Autonomy Surface Testbed (MAST) is being developed by ASV Global and Roke Manor Research under funding from the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. ...

  • Commercial - UUVs

    Offshore Surveyor

    The Offshore Surveyor AUV can be used for low logistics, vessels of opportunity, commercial surveys including construction support, pipeline inspection, platform inspection, post-hurricane inspections, environmental ...

  • Commercial - UUVs, Military - UUVs

    Mission Specialist Defender

    The VideoRay Mission Specialist Defender ROV utilises interchangeable, modular components residing on a single network, allowing a thruster, cameras, sensors and tooling to be added, ...

  • Commercial - UUVs, Military - UUVs

    Gavia Defence

    The Gavia Defence AUV can be used for mine countermeasures, port security, search and salvage, anti-submarine warfare training, rapid environmental assessment and hydrographic survey. 

  • Commercial - UUVs, Military - UUVs

    Remus 100

    The Remus 100 AUV can be used for hydrographic surveys, mine countermeasure operations, harbour security, environmental monitoring and debris field mapping. Additional capabilities include search ...