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  • Land: soldier modernisation systems - industry programmes

    Digital Legionary

    Digital Legionary can be tailored to fit specific mission needs and national requirements. It leverages soldier radios and the Leonardo SWave multiband, multi-mission, handheld SDR. Included ...

  • Naval: COMINT and ELINT systems

    Digital Shark

    Digital Shark is an ECM system consisting of a digital receiver and a DRFM-based technique generator integrated with a multi-beam array transmitter. This system enables ...

  • Avionics: Integrated cockpit systems

    FN Airborne Digital Suite

    The FN Airborne Digital Suite is an integrated weapons system designed to provide high levels of operational capability to airborne platforms and reduce pilot workload. ...

  • Land: software-defined radios and modems

    Argus Digital Modems

    Commtact’s line of digital transmitters is designed for UAV applications. Using the technology of its Argus family of digital modems, the company can tailor wireless ...

  • Land: software-defined radios and modems

    Digital Modular Radio (DMR)

    As part of the USN’s Digital Modular Radio programme, General Dynamics is delivering platforms capable of interoperability with tactical systems such as DAMA SATCOM, Have ...

  • Land: software-defined radios and modems

    RF Digital Linearisation Circuits

    Using superconducting micro-electronics technology, RF linearisation is designed to improve high-power amplifier efficiency, resulting in improved range and link closure with reduced power in multi-channel ...

  • Avionics: mission management systems

    Integrated Digital Mission Systems

    Thales offers open digital electronic architectures to support equipment capabilities in plug-and-play military vehicle mission systems. These comply with the UK MoD’s DEF STAN 23-09. ...

  • Sea: procedural training

    2 Sigma Digital Tutor

    A Digital Tutor that is designed to outperform schoolhouse instructors, bringing CTC training to a broad spectrum of sailors. Specifications include improving student outcomes for ...

  • Land: range systems and targets

    Digital Modular Shoot House

    Turnkey custom designed Digital Modular Shoot Houses can be provided to meet an organisation’s requirement for a close-quarters live-fire facility. The house provides a platform ...

  • Avionics: displays

    Digital Transport HUD

    The Digital Air Transport Head-up Display (HUD) is developed by Elbit Systems' ISTAR division (primary supplier of military HUDs to the Israeli Air Force). 

  • Avionics: communications systems - helicopter, military

    Digital AN/ACQ-9 TVDL

    The digital AN/ACQ-9 Tactical Video and Data Link (TVDL) is an improved version of the field-proven TVDL video and data receiver/transmitter system, says the company. ...

  • Avionics: mission management systems

    Digital Audio Control System (DACS)

    Cobham's Digital Audio Control System (DACS) can control and distribute all audio in an aircraft, to/from all transceivers, receivers and aural alert sources. The system ...

  • Weapon sights for day use

    5-25x56 PM II Digital

    The PM II Digital line of scopes have a modified scope head and can be used with or without compatible devices. The information from compatible ...

  • Weapon sights for day use

    3-27x56 PM II High Power Digital

    The PM II Digital line of scopes have a modified scope head and can be used with or without compatible devices. The information from compatible ...

  • Avionics: communications systems - helicopter, civil

    COFDM Digital Video Down and Uplinks

    Navtech Systems provides the latest digital transmission systems using MPEG2, 4 or JPEG2000 compression and modulation techniques, and includes the latest generation MRC diversity technology ...