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News - ballistic missile defence

Programme Results - Defence Insight

  • Destroyers

    Maya Class (27DDG)

    Programme Background The 27DD Maya class destroyers were previously known as the Improved Atago class because they are an addition to the existing two Atago-class destroyers that have entered service. ...

  • Destroyers

    Italian DDX Programme

    Programme Background Requirements Destroyers are fundamental to Italy's blue water fleet and will be required to be capable of projecting capability at sea from the ...

  • Submarines nuclear, ballistic missile

    Dreadnought Class (Successor Programme)

    Programme Background The Dreadnought class prior to being named in October 2016 was known as the Successor programme which was approved by the government in May 2011. ...

  • Destroyers

    Future Destroyers - FFM (Japan)

    Programme Background Requirements Following the Maya-class destroyers, the JMSDF will not just maintain the destroyer units they operate already but will receive two new destroyer platforms. It ...

  • Maritime patrol

    P-8 Poseidon (South Korea)

    Programme Background South Korea is facing an imminent submarine threat from North Korea. The Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN) is operating an aging fleet of P-3C ...

  • Submarines nuclear, ballistic missile

    SNLE 3G

    Programme Background Included in the 2019-2025 Military Plan Law is the replacement of the four Le Triomphant-class SSBNs with four third-generation SSBNs (SNLE 3G) beginning in ...

  • Light attack, Trainer

    Hürkuş-C Advanced Armed Trainer (Turkey)

    The Hurjet-C development programme funding was included in the Hurkus-B procurement contract awarded by  the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries in December 2013.  The Hurjet will ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 4x4

    Paraguay VAMTAC ST5

    Programme Background Paraguay's Joint Task Force is in need of new armoured vehicles that can provide sufficient protection against the small arms, mines and IEDs ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 4x4

    JLTV (Lithuania - Option)

    Programme Background In September 2022, the Lithuanian MoD announced that it will allocate additional funds to its JLTV programme after increasing its defence budget by $144.5 million ...

  • Destroyers

    Sejong the Great Class (KDX-III) Batch 2 (South Korea)

    Programme Background RequirementsThe Sejong the Great class (KDX-III) Batch 2 will consist of three improved Sejong the Great-class (KDX-III) batch 1 guided-missile destroyers, which are ...

  • Destroyers

    TF-2000 Class-Milgem Project

    Programme Background Requirements The TF-2000 class Air Defence Warfare (ADW) destroyers are part of Turkeys Milgem project to revitalise the fleet. The ships are intended ...

  • Frigates

    New-Generation Light Frigates (Taiwan)

    Programme Background Requirements The ROC Navy will use the new Light Frigates to patrol the Taiwan Strait and other areas, escort vessels to Taiwan's outlying islands, ...

  • Military helicopters - transport/heavy lift

    CH-47F (Australia)

    Programme Background The government of Australia has requested to buy four CH-47F cargo helicopters with unique modifications: eight T55-GA-714A aircraft turbine engines, five AN/AAR-57 common ...

  • APCs/IFVs - 4x4

    Phantom 2 (Nigeria)

    Programme Background Light armoured vehicles are in high demand in Nigeria, as troops deployed in operations against the Boko Haram insurgency are regularly exposed to ...

  • Corvettes

    Next Generation Missile Vessels (NGMVs)

    Programme Background India's Technology Perspective and Capability Roadmap (TPCR) 2018 contains a requirement for six Missile Boats/Next Generation Missile Vessels (NGMVs). The vessels are broadly ...

Equipment Results - Defence Insight

  • Major networking projects

    Ballistic Missile Defence

    In early 2010, NATO acquired the first phase of an initial theatre ballistic missile defence capability to protect alliance forces. 

  • Major networking projects

    Missile Defence

    In 2010, NATO rolled out an initial capability to protect alliance forces against missile threats and is now examining options for protecting territory and populations. ...

  • Major networking projects

    Air and Missile Defence

    NATO Air and Missile Defence comprises all measures aimed at monitoring and reacting to potential air threats in NATO airspace, as well as countering hostile ...

  • Land: air defence radar

    Tactical Ballistic Missile Detection Radar

    Tactical Ballistic Missile Detection Radar is a variant of the AN/TPS-70 designed to detect and track tactical ballistic missiles or switch back to air defence ...

  • Land: air defence radar


    The NIIIP 5N64S Big Bird is an air defence radar with specific capability against ballistic missiles and forms part of the S-300PM system. Derivatives and variants ...

  • Military - UUVs

    Gavia Defence

    The Gavia Defence AUV can be used for MCM, port security, search and salvage, ASW training, rapid environmental assessment and hydrographic survey. 

  • Ballistic Jacket

    GIDS' indigenously developed bulletproof jackets are suitable for military and non-military applications. The vests can be used on their own or fitted with ballistic plates ...

  • Ballistic Vests

    Rontan produces a range of ballistic vests for military and security customers, which are NIJ-compliant. Models include the Ostensive, Tactical and Tactical Camouflaged.

  • Ballistic Helmet

    The Ballistic Helmet from GIDS protects the user from bullets and fragments and features balanced weight distribution for comfort. The construction of its inner suspension ...

  • Ballistic Helmets

    BAE Systems and its legacy businesses have been manufacturing combat helmets for the US Army, USMC and other armed forces for more than 30 years. ...

  • Ballistic Inserts

    MARS Armour's hard armour inserts are developed to protect the wearer against high-velocity ammunition, including rifle and machine gun fire. The inserts can be produced ...

  • Ballistic Helmets

    ArmorSource offers a range of ballistic helmets for military troops, including PASGT and ACH models. All helmets are available in sizes S, M, L and ...

  • Ballistic Plates

    The CK 550 and PE 510 ballistic plates are 15mm thick, while the PES 520 is 30mm thick. Both are resistant to water, UV, light ...

  • Submarines nuclear, ballistic missile

    Arktur Next Generation SSBN

    At Army 2022 defence exposition, Rubin Design Bureau unveiled the next-generation ballistic missile submarine concept. Known as Arktur, the submarine features a stealth design and ...

  • Self-propelled missile systems, Land: Integrated Defensive Systems

    Skyranger Missile

    Rheinmetall's Skyranger Missile is a short-range air defence system that is being developed to defeat low-flying air threats such as fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and UAVs, as ...