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News - ballistic missile defence

Programme Results - Defence Insight

  • Destroyers

    DDX Programme [Italy]

    Programme Background Requirements Destroyers are fundamental to Italy's blue water fleet and will be required to be capable of projecting capability at sea from the ...

  • Maritime patrol

    P-8 Poseidon (South Korea)

    Programme Background South Korea is facing an imminent submarine threat from North Korea. The Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN) is operating an aging fleet of P-3C ...

  • Destroyers

    Maya Class (27DDG)

    Programme Background The 27DD Maya class destroyers were previously known as the Improved Atago class because they are an addition to the existing two Atago-class destroyers that have entered service. ...

  • Destroyers

    Joint Strike Ship [South Korea]

    Programme Background Requirements The third element of South Korea's "Three Axis System" - a complex of measures designed to track, detect, and eliminate an adversary’s ballistic missiles and ...

  • Submarines nuclear, ballistic missile

    Dreadnought Class (Successor Programme)

    Programme Background Requirements The Dreadnought-class, prior to being named in October 2016, was known as the Successor programme, which was approved by the government in May ...

  • Destroyers

    Future Destroyers - ASEV [Japan]

    Programme Background Requirements Following the Maya-class destroyers, the JMSDF will not just maintain the destroyer units they operate already but will receive two new destroyer platforms. ...

  • Frigates

    Jinnah Class frigates [Pakistan]

    Programme Background Requirements Specifications are not yet known because they are still in the design stage, though they will integrate a more diverse selection of ...

  • Fighter - multirole

    F-X III Phase II (F-35)

    Programme Background On 14 September 2014, South Korea signed an FMS contract under the first phase of F-X III programme to supply 40 F-35As for ...

  • Destroyers

    Sejong the Great Class (KDX-III) Batch 2 [South Korea]

    Programme Background Requirements The Sejong the Great class (KDX-III) Batch 2 will consist of three improved Sejong the Great-class (KDX-III) batch 1 guided-missile destroyers, which ...

  • Military helicopters - multirole

    H-145M (Serbia)

    Serbia's aircraft will be equipped with a fast roping system, high-performance camera, fire support equipment, ballistic protection as well as an electronic countermeasures system. The ...

  • Submarines nuclear, ballistic missile

    Type 094A (Jin Class) 7-12

    Programme Background The Type 094 nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) was developed for the PLAN to follow on from the single 1980s-vintage Type 092 Xia-class ...

  • ISR/special mission

    E-6 TACAMO Recapitalisation Programme (E-XX) [USN]

    Programme Background The E-6 Take Charge and Move Out (TACAMO) Recapitalisation Programme (E-XX) provides for air vehicle replacement and mission systems modernization to augment and eventually ...

  • Military helicopters - transport/heavy lift

    CH-47F Chinook-Saudi Arabia

    In addition to this, the request includes M134D mini-Guns, aircraft survivability equipment, infrared signature suppression system, fast rope insertion extraction system, extended range fuel system, ...

  • Submarines nuclear, ballistic missile

    Type 094 (Jin Class) 1-6

    Development and Procurement The Type 094 nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) was developed for the PLAN to follow on from the single 1980s-vintage Type 092 ...

  • Naval: Combat Management Systems

    Naval: Combat Management Systems | Joint Strike Ship [South Korea]

    South Korea is reportedly seeking to acquire up to three Joint Strike Ships as part of its "Three Axis System". The Joint Strike Ship (JSS) is ...

Equipment Results - Defence Insight

  • Major networking projects

    Ballistic Missile Defence

    In early 2010, NATO acquired the first phase of an initial theatre ballistic missile defence capability to protect alliance forces. 

  • Submarines nuclear, ballistic missile

    Arktur Next Generation SSBN

    At Army 2022 defence exposition, Rubin Design Bureau unveiled the next-generation ballistic missile submarine concept. Known as Arktur, the submarine features a stealth design and ...

  • Major networking projects

    Missile Defence

    In 2010, NATO rolled out an initial capability to protect alliance forces against missile threats and is now examining options for protecting territory and populations. ...

  • Land: air defence radar


    The Army Navy/Transportable Radar Surveillance (AN/TPY-2) is an X-band missile defence radar that can detect, classify and track ballistic missiles. It uses an AESA antenna comprising 25.344 T/R ...

  • Sea: naval surveillance radar

    Smart-L MM/N

    The Thales Smart-L MM/N is an AESA D-band next-generation Long Range Multi-Mission Radar for Air and Space Surveillance and Ballistic Missile Detection. It is based ...

  • Land: air defence radar

    Tactical Ballistic Missile Detection Radar

    Tactical Ballistic Missile Detection Radar is a variant of the AN/TPS-70 designed to detect and track tactical ballistic missiles or switch back to air defence ...

  • Surface-to-air missiles

    RIM-161 Standard Missile-3

    The RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 (SM-3) is a ship-based, surface-to-air missile designed to intercept short-range ballistic missiles. It is also able to perform anti-satellite duties ...

  • Major networking projects


    Command, Control, Battle Management and Communications (C2BMC) is the integrating element of the US Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) for global missile defence. C2BMC links ...

  • Sea: naval fire control radar

    AN/SPY-1 air search radar

    Aegis isan integrated missile guidance system used on USN and allied ships to performanti-air and ballistic missile defence missions. The S-band phased-array AN/SPY-1D(V) radar acquires ...

  • Destroyers

    Akizuki Class

    The Akizuki-class (19DD) destroyers are escort ships for the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF). They are designed to accompany Japan’s new Hyuga—and Izumo-class helicopter carriers ...

  • Land: air defence radar


    The NIIIP 5N64S Big Bird is an air defence radar with specific capability against ballistic missiles and forms part of the S-300PM system. Derivatives and variants ...

  • Surface-to-air missiles


    Developed by IAI and Boeing, Arrow-3 is the upgraded variant of the Arrow-2 missile aimed at providing better ballistic missile defence capabilities. The US co-funded the Arrow-3 ...

  • Surface-to-air missiles


    The ASTER-30 is a vertically launched surface-to-air missile. It is produced by Eurosam, a joint venture between MBDA France, MBDA Italy, and the Thales Group. ...

  • Data links


    Tactical Information Broadcast System (TIBS) is an intelligence-type data link used by US forces and some other nations to provide non-Link 16 units with a ...

  • Naval: Combat Management Systems, Sea: fire control systems

    Aegis Weapon System

    Aegis Weapon System is an integrated missile guidance system used on USN and allied ships to perform anti-air and ballistic missile defence missions.  The S-band phased-array ...