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  • Military Logistics

    C295 in AAR test flight

    29th January 2020

    Airbus’ C295 tactical airlifter has carried out its first wet contacts during an air-to-air (AAR) flight test campaign, the company announced on 29 January. The ...

  • Rotorhub

    Sikorsky and Lobo combined markets appeal of S-92A Combi

    8th April 2019

    Sikorsky has partnered with Lobo Leasing to offer a modified version of the S-92A into the utility market.  The S-92 Combi being offered by Lobo ...

  • Military Logistics

    Germany requests C-130J and KC-130Js

    8th May 2018

    The US State Department has made a determination approving a potential foreign military sale of three C-130J-30 and three KC-130J aircraft to Germany, the Defense ...

  • Military Logistics

    Dubai Airshow 2017: AAR supporting UAE aircraft fleet

    16th November 2017

    AAR and Global Aerospace Logistics (GAL) have signed an MoU to develop enhanced support services for the UAE Armed Forces it was announced on 13 ...

  • Military Logistics

    A400M in AAR contact demo flight

    15th November 2016

    The A400M airlifter has demonstrated air-to-air refuelling contacts with another A400M, Airbus Defence and Space announced on 14 November. Two demonstration flights were carried out ...

  • Rotorhub

    Helitech 2016: SAR contract opportunities to aid market stability

    3rd October 2016

    SAR is a relatively small market within the wider civil helicopter industry, but with a number of countries turning their SAR efforts over to the ...

  • Digital Battlespace

    LAIRCM spotted on Australian C-130J

    22nd September 2016

    A Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules airlifter on exercise was recently seen with a new directional infrared countermeasure (DIRCM) system installed. ...

  • Military Logistics

    AAR to continue Afghanistan airlift

    15th July 2016

    AAR’s Airlift division has received a task order worth $21.7 million from the US Transportation Command (TRANSCOM) for additional rotary wing airlift services in Afghanistan, ...

  • Defence Helicopter

    US extends AAR's Afghan flight ops

    25th May 2016

    The US Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) has issued an extension on an existing contract with the AAR's Airlift Group subsidiary for rotary-wing flight services in Afghanistan, ...

  • Defence Helicopter

    AAR commences Falkland SAR operations

    4th April 2016

    AAR’s Airlift division has commenced search and rescue (SAR) and support helicopter (SH) operations for the UK Ministry of Defence in the Falkland Islands, the ...

  • Defence Helicopter

    British Forces Brunei to get new heli services

    14th March 2016

    The ageing Bell 212 helicopters of British Army Air Corp’s 7 Flight will be replaced by new aircraft under plans to renew its outsourcing arrangement. ...

  • Rotorhub

    Heli-Expo 2016: Crews prepare for Falklands SAR

    7th March 2016

    Civilian search-and-rescue helicopter crews have begun training missions in the Falkland Islands as they prepare to take over from the Royal Air Force (RAF) later ...

  • Rotorhub

    Heli-Expo 2016: AAR launches rotorcraft Services

    29th February 2016

    AAR has launched a new rotorcraft services business division that will offer aftermarket support services for helicopter operators, the company announced on 24 February. Under ...

  • Military Logistics

    MSC renews Airlift's VERTREP services

    27th October 2015

    The US Military Sealift Command (MSC) has exercised a one-year renewal option for vertical replenishment (VERTREP) services by AAR's Airlift division, the company announced on ...

  • Rotorhub

    Two AW189 helicopters for Falkland Islands SAR

    9th March 2015

    AAR Airlift Group has purchased two AgustaWestland AW189 helicopters for Search and Rescue (SAR) operations in the Falkland Islands, as announced by AgustaWestland on 5 ...

Results from Shephard Plus

  • Air: transport/tanker simulators

    RAAF Airlift Programme

    The RAAF Airlift Programme required CAE to design, develop and manufacture three full-flight simulators, one each for the C-130J, C-130H and Boeing 707. The 707 ...

  • Land: tactical engagement simulators

    AAR Tool

    Saab's After Action Review (AAR) Tool is used for downloading, visualising, analysing and presenting exercises, facts and results. The data can be manually or automatically ...

  • Air: Defensive Systems - MLDS


    Airbus developed the Missile Launch Detection System AN/AAR-60 (MILDS). It is a passive imaging sensor which detects and tracks the UV emissions of approaching missiles, ...

  • Air: Defensive Systems - MLDS


    The AN/AAR-54V is a fourth-generation MAWS that is currently in production and available for use on a range of platforms, including helicopters, fast jets and ...

  • Air: Defensive Systems - Laser Warning Receivers


    The Joint and Allied Threat Awareness System (JATAS) will offer enhanced aircraft survivability by providing advanced missile warning capability and aircrew warning of laser-based weapon ...

  • Air: Defensive Systems - MLDS


    The AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System (CMWS) consists of four or six missile warning sensors, depending on coverage around the aircraft, and an ECU. Sensors ...

  • Air: Defensive Systems - MLDS


    The AN/AAR-60 MILDS is a passive imaging sensor which detects and tracks the UV emissions of approaching missiles, including heat-seeking shoulder-launched MANPADS. The MILDS system ...

  • Air: Defensive Systems - MLDS, Air: Defensive Systems - Laser Warning Receivers


    The AN/AAR-47B Missile Warning System (MWS) is an EW system designed to protect low/slow-flying aircraft against surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles. The MWS will detect a ...

  • Air: Defensive Systems - MLDS, Air: Defensive Systems - Laser Warning Receivers


    The AN/AAR-47A(V)2 Missile and Laser Warning System (MWS) is an EW aircraft survivability system designed to protect low- and slow-flying fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft against ...

  • Air: Defensive Systems - MLDS

    AN/AAR-60(V)2 MILDS-F

    Developed in cooperation with Airbus, the AN/AAR-60(V)2 is a Missile Launch Detection System for Fighter (MILDS-F). It is the latest version of the AN/AAR-60 and ...

  • EW test systems

    UV Baringa 5.5

    Developed as a confidence flight-line test set and SIL tool for stimulating UV MWS, UV Baringa 5.5 is compatible with AAR-47, AAR-54, AAR-57, AAR-60 and ...

  • EW test systems

    UV LED Mallina – 180

    A long-range missile plume simulator for T&E;, pilot training and doctrine/tactics analysis for UV MWS. UV LED Mallina is compatible with AAR-47, AAR-54, AAR-57 CMWS, ...

  • Land: vehicle simulators

    Virtual Training

    RUAG’s virtual simulation units provide training for commanders, gunners and/or vehicle drivers. The configuration of the units is flexible. They allow individual as well as ...

  • Land: tactical engagement simulators


    The CATS Combat Training Centre (CTC) trains armed forces in simulated opposition. Features: direct-fire weapon effect simulation with laser engagement systems; area-weapon effect simulation of ...

  • Land: tactical engagement simulators


    CATS EXCON MOUT collects and evaluates data from instrumented exercises inside buildings. All incoming data from movement, battle and tactical radio is recorded for during/AAR. ...