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  • Land: air defence radar

    Weapon Locating Radar

    LIG Nex1 exhibited two new vehicle-mounted radar system prototypes- the Weapon Locating Radar, alongside the Short-Range Air Defence Radar, at Seoul ADEX 2017. According to ...

  • Weapon sights for day use

    EXPS3 Holographic Weapon Sight

    The EXPS3 Holographic Weapon Sight offers true two eyes open shooting for fast target acquisition, night vision compatible settings, and a 7 mm raised base ...

  • Land: fire control systems

    Korea Special-Purpose Weapon

    Development of the Korea Special-Purpose Weapon (KSPW) to meet the requirements of South Korea's special forces was announced in 2010 and the system was unveiled ...

  • Deployable/static missile systems

    Aegis Weapon System

    Aegis is an integrated missile guidance system used on USN and allied ships to perform anti-air and ballistic missile defence missions.  The S-band phased-array SPY-1D(V) ...

  • Sea: weapon training

    Harpoon Weapon Simulator

    The Harpoon Weapon Simulator simulates Harpoon Ship Command-Launch Control Set (HSCLCS), AN/SWG-1A(V), in all HSCLCS modes of operation (normal, GDS casualty and HWS casualty modes). ...

  • Sea: weapon training

    Proteus Naval Weapon Trainer

    Kongsberg has developed a crew-served and remotely operated simulation architecture that provides man-in-the-loop training for close-in weapon systems. The trainer is already in service as ...

  • Land: infantry weapon simulators

    Tethered Weapon Simulators

    Meggitt Training Systems offers a selection of tethered weapon simulators, built with form, fit and function in mind. Tolerances are within 10% of live weapon ...

  • Weapon sights for night use (thermal imaging)

    Thermal Weapon Sights

    The short, medium and long-range Thermal Weapon Sights (TWS) combine rugged, lightweight and modular construction with TI technology, says the company. Raytheon's TWS is an ...

  • Land: RWS

    Armoured Remote Weapon System

    FNSS Armoured Remote Weapon System (ARWS) is a remotely controlled stabilised weapon system for machine guns and automatic grenade launchers. It can be mounted on ...

  • Land: air defence radar

    Omni-Directional Weapon Locating Radar

    The Omni-Directional Weapon Locating Radar (OWL) is a target acquisition radar being developed for the US Army by SRC. The radar is able to run ...

  • Land: tactical engagement simulators

    Anti-Tank Weapon Training Devices

    Saab's provides laser-based simulation of different types of anti-tank weapons. The BT 46 two-way simulator system has been selected by NATO countries for training basic/precision ...

  • Land: vehicle simulators

    Embedded Trainer for Weapon Systems

    Rafael's PC-based embedded trainer incorporates a knowledge centre to provide basic learning of related topics – intelligence, operational instructions and maintenance. Enables embedded mission rehearsal ...

  • Land: infantry weapon simulators

    Less Than Lethal Weapon Simulators

    Meggitt produces wireless simulators for the X26 Taser and chemical spray less-lethal weapons. These accessories are supported with specialised courseware.

  • Weapon sights for night use (thermal imaging)

    TWS-13 Thermal Weapon Sights

    The TWS-13 thermal weapon sight provides soldiers with the ability to detect, observe and engage targets in all conditions, day or night. Combining a lightweight ...

  • Sea: weapon training

    Sea Sparrow, RIM-7M Weapon Simulator

    The Sea Sparrow, RIM-7M Weapon Simulator simulates positioning and firing of the Mk 29 missile launcher from the Mk 9 NATO Sea Sparrow control consoles. ...