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Armour Simulator Centre opens in Singapore

03rd December 2016 - 17:04 by Chen Chuanren in Singapore

Armour Simulator Centre opens in Singapore

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) opened its new Armour Simulation Centre at Sungei Gedong Camp on 1 December. 

Developed with assistance from the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), the centre consists of the armour driving simulator, and armour gunnery and manoeuvre simulator.

Previously, the SAF only possessed simulation training for the Leopard 2SG. The new driving simulator now provides training for most tracked armoured vehicles in the SAF’s arsenal. There are ten simulator cabins for the Leopard 2SG, Bionix Mk II and Bronco all-terrain tracked carrier. 

A platoon level of four cabins can be mounted on six-degrees-of-freedom motion simulators, providing realistic basic, advanced and operational training in varying terrain and weather conditions. 

The armour gunnery and manoeuvre simulator supports gunnery and tactical manoeuvre training across all the SAF’s armoured weapon systems. There are 36 simulator cabins replicating three platforms: the Leopard 2SG 120mm gun, Bionix I and II 25mm and 30mm cannons, and the M113 Ultra. 

Up to 15 cabins can be configured with the battlefield management system and network fire support team simulation. This now supports company-level training, compared to only the platoon level in the past.

The Ministry of Defence stated that armoured commanders are able to hone their command and control, fire and manoeuvre, battlefield coordination and gunnery competencies prior to field training. 

Shephard understands that the Indonesian Army also used the SAF’s Leopard 2A4 simulator prior to delivery of its own equipment.

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