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MilSim Asia: ISS Global defuses bomb threats

11th January 2017 - 12:00 by Gordon Arthur

MilSim Asia: ISS Global defuses bomb threats

Already with a foothold in Asia, ISS Global is eyeing further opportunities in the region for its software that is employed by militaries and law enforcement agencies. Its premier product is Dfuze, a configurable intelligence management system containing databases to assist investigators analyse explosives and terrorist incidents.

Dfuze helps to track terrorists, explosives manufacturers and distribution chains, and it was successfully utilised after London’s transportation system was attacked on 7 July 2005, for example.

It was also employed during the 2012 London Olympics to identify potential terrorist attack sites.

Neil Fretwell, operations director at ISS Global, told Shephard that Dfuze ‘has evolved to become the de facto global standard for improvised explosive devices, explosive ordnance disposal and counterterrorism operations’. 

It is used in more than 40 countries and is present in more than a dozen bomb data centres worldwide, including Australia, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Singapore regionally.

The original Dfuze Intelligence Management System was developed with the ATF US Bomb Data Center and the UK National Police Bomb Data Centre based at Scotland Yard. The US and Canadian militaries also use it.

Dfuze has features such as live video streaming (mobile and unmanned aerial vehicles [UAV]), facial recognition, trend and pattern analysis, plus it offers secure access anywhere in the world.

Fretwell noted that behaviour prediction software is desperately wanted globally. ‘ISS Global goes some way toward meeting that need. Dfuze works by analysing past attacks to give an idea of where attack hotspots might be in the future, as well as the types of explosive devices that might be used and how.’

The software’s algorithms, based on parameters inputted by the operator, ‘can break down data into the percentages and likelihood of something happening in a certain place at a certain time’, he explained.

The Dfuze product suite has a number of associated offerings that were often developed in conjunction with users. These include Dfuze Enterprise, Report Desk, Onsite C2, Dfuze Net, Dfuze Mobile, Dfuze 360 and Over C2.

The latter, for example, was showcased during last year’s Ravens Challenge in Thailand. The ISS spokesman said Over C2 was ‘instrumental’ in helping a Thai EOD team win the route clearance competition.

ISS Global, part of Polaris Alpha, is also developing UAV technology to allow live video streaming from multiple locations.

When asked about the simulation arena, Fretwell said, ‘We are not specifically involved in the development of simulation tools per se, but our systems are regularly utilised in the training environment in order that our clients are well versed in using the technology in real time.’

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