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UEI focuses on complete Mil-Aero I/O system solutions (sponsored video)

3rd June 2018 - 11:30 GMT | by Studio


From the company:

United Electronic Industries (UEI) offers a wide array of I/O for companies' simulator, data acquisition and control hardware-in-the-loop, as well as avionics applications that help save time and reduce costs.

UEI's breadth of I/O includes RTD, Thermocouple, Strain Gage, Synchro/Resolver, LVDT/RVDT, Full Avionics, CAN bus, among other areas.

Its solutions allow users to maintain critical uptime, monitor health with built-in diagnostics and eliminate system complexity, as well as use any of the company's I/O boards on any of its Cube, Rack and MIL-style chassis. We also remove the worry of obsolescence with our 10-YR availability guarantee. Your I/O applications are sustainable for the long-term with UEI.

For more videos from UEI and to learn more, visit: www.ueidaq.com

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