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  • SOF - Special Operations

    Global SOF 2018: “Risk perception” impacts European SOF aviation development

    26th February 2018

    One of the challenges encountered in the ongoing development and expansion of special operations aviation elements across many regions involves differences in “risk perception” that ...

  • SOF - Special Operations

    Global SOF 2018: SOF intelligence fusion presents physical challenges

    21st February 2018

    While the US and its allies have long acknowledged the digital challenges of gathering, integrating and sharing ISR data across multi-national organizations, that coordination also ...

  • SOF - Special Operations

    Global SOF 2018: AFSOC revitalises 6th SOS

    21st February 2018

    The recently released US National Defense Strategy has added emphasis to ongoing Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) efforts to revitalise its 6th Special Operations ...

  • SOF - Special Operations

    Global SOF 2018: Has US developed 'over reliance' on SOF?

    20th February 2018

    The US and its partners across the Central Command region may have developed an over-reliance on special operations forces (SOF), sometimes at the expense of ...

  • SOF - Special Operations

    Romania stands up SOF command

    11th October 2017

    The Romanian Ministry of Defence (MoD) will establish a Special Operations Command (SOCOM) by 1 January 2018 as it seeks to expand joint operations across ...

  • SOF - Special Operations

    International interest spreads in C-130J-SOF variant

    15th August 2017

    Lockheed Martin’s proposed C-130J-SOF export variant will be tailored to different international operators’ requirements as interest in the type grows worldwide. According to Lockheed Martin, ...

  • MLF - Military Logistics

    Lockheed wins SOF GLSS contract

    15th August 2017

    Lockheed Martin has been selected as the prime contractor for US Special Operations Command’s (USSOCOM's) next-generation logistics and sustainment support programme, the company announced on ...

  • SOF - Special Operations

    SOFIC 2017: SOCOM seeks small SATCOM terminals

    10th May 2017

    US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has released a draft Request for Proposals (RfP) for the smallest form factor variant in its next-generation Satellite Deployable Node- ...

  • SOF - Special Operations

    SOFIC 2017: ​Systematic BMS for operators

    8th May 2017

    Responding to emerging requirements from the SOF community, battle management system (BMS) specialist Systematic has revealed plans to create a dedicated ensemble for operators and ...

  • SOF - Special Operations

    ​North Korea shows its SOF hand

    19th April 2017

    The international special operations community has reacted to North Korea's very public 'show of force' of its Unit 525 special operations forces (SOF) during an ...

  • SOF - Special Operations

    Belgium’s special forces show of force

    18th April 2017

    Belgium's Special Forces Group (SFG) has completed a series of demonstrations designed to demonstrate a 'show of force' in the wake of multiple terrorist attacks ...

  • SOF - Special Operations

    Special ops flock to Flintlock

    8th March 2017

    The international special operations community has once again amassed across West Africa as part of Exercise Flintlock, designed to further develop the capabilities of indigenous ...

  • SOF - Special Operations

    US SOF looks at GPS 'out of the box'

    20th February 2017

    The US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is exploring concepts for alternative Global Positioning System (GPS) solutions, with representatives announcing an upcoming government/industry collaborative event.The 'out ...

  • SOF - Special Operations

    Lockheed bids for USSOCOM logistics

    3rd November 2016

    Lockheed Martin has submitted a bid for the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) next-generation logistics and sustainment support programme, it announced on 1 November. The ...

  • LWI - Land Warfare

    DVD 2016: Special forces vehicle takes centre stage

    12th September 2016

    SC Group unveiled the latest variant in its portfolio of open-top special forces and infantry vehicles at the Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD) exhibition at Millbrook, ...