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QinetiQ introduces air-launch capability for Rattler

3rd June 2019 - 11:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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QinetiQ has unveiled a new supersonic target that can be attached to its Banshee aerial target and launched during flight, the company announced on 29 May.

Rattler is designed to enable ships and aircraft to practice tracking missiles. The ground-launch capability of Rattler was launched in 2018; this new air-launch capability from Banshee has been successfully trialled in Canada over the past twelve months.

The Banshee aerial target with Rattler attached is launched from a ground launcher and directed into the operational area. Once air-launched, Rattler is operated with a QinetiQ guidance system and flight termination system that enables full control at all times. Banshee can be recovered using a parachute.

The Banshee and Rattler combination can be launched in three different modes that replicate various threat profiles. Rattler can be equipped with customer requested payloads such as radar augmentation and miss distance indication.

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