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How high-quality projection impact training quality and effectiveness (Sponsored)

23rd November 2021 - 10:30 GMT | by Industry Spotlight


User: ONERA, The French Aerospace Lab; System Integrator: ST Engineering Antycip; Visualization provider: Barco with FL40-4K projectors

The goal of any simulator is to fully replicate real-world scenarios and feedback in a way that allows the trainee to suspend their disbelief that they are not “live”.

This article is brought to you by Barco.

One of the most critical elements in creating a fully immersive training environment is the real-time visual system. Selecting a projector which can match the processing power of the IG frame for frame, pixel for pixel, is an absolute requirement and where Barco focuses when developing projectors and direct view displays for the simulation & training market.

Visual Acuity and accurate details

Resolution, refresh rate, and brightness are the standard measurements in visual system performance. Over-emphasizing one element and under-performing on the others leads to a substandard visual experience in a simulator. The key is to bring perfect balance of these elements to the trainee’s eye according to the uniqueness of the specifications driving the program. As a leading visual technology developer with a deep legacy in simulation and training requirements, Barco draws on core expertise to provide partners across the globe the most capable projection, direct-view, and image processing products in the industry. As a leading visualization manufacturer, Barco is continuously addressing the market needs by bringing out new and better solutions, serving requirements both today and in the future.

Dynamic environment

An important factor impacting the quality and effectiveness of training is how the dynamic visual environment is perceived. A pixel is not simply a pixel. How the projection system is processing the incoming signal and then rendering the pixels will also determine the quality of the image being viewed by the trainee. A high-quality projection system will have a higher rendering capacity making sure that the dynamic environment the trainee sees delivers a real-world experience independent of movement of, say an aircraft or fast car. Consider the out the window view during an aircraft’s banking turn or the acceleration during a takeoff roll, or the high rate of turn in a fast-moving vehicle, where signage, indicators and objects on the ground need to be observed.  Reproducing these images at a high refresh rate is needed so that the trainee can experience a seamless image without artifacts and distractions from motion blur. 

All current Barco F-series projectors use the unique Barco Pulse electronics platform that is key to ensuring high processing capacity with the lowest possible latency. To provide the smoothest experience for any dynamic visual environment the Barco F-series projection portfolio is furthermore equipped with powerful Smear Reduction Processing (SRP™) and high refresh rates; 120Hz at 4K, and even up to 240Hz with both native WUXGA as well as 4K native resolution. The latter being introduced at I/ITSEC’21 and featured in the new Barco F400-HR projector.

Barco F400-HR native 4K projector

Leveraging the increase in graphic capabilities

As the graphics performance of IGs continues to increase, this drives demand for higher performance visuals pushing beyond current standards. To keep pace with these changes, Barco is committed to developing projection and other display technology to meet the needs of higher resolution and higher refresh rates. The introduction of pixel-shifted 4K with Barco FL40 and F70 projectors are now complemented with the new F400-HR featuring native 4K with pixel-shifting capabilities up to 6K and higher resolutions.   

Each projector line uses the common, unified Barco Pulse electronics and software architecture to deliver 120Hz and 240Hz refresh rates, and the architecture embraces a common language, communication and control interface which makes it easier for integrators to deploy across different projects. These advanced capabilities found in the dedicated Barco simulation projectors further enhance the simulated training experience across all angles of the training segment, whether it is for air, maritime, land, space, or public safety.

Continuous horizon

In blended installations, where multiple projection images are “stitched” together to create a single large field of view for the trainee, it’s imperative to ensure the same high-quality image across the entire surface. Barco Pulse technology includes high-quality edge blending and warping capabilities and Barco’s Constant Light Output (CLO) functionality which adjust brightness levels across multiple projectors for a perfect blended image. Barco Pulse works seamlessly with integration partners that develop their own geometry and calibration tools to automate installation and maintenance of multi-channel configurations.  

Train as you fight – also at night

Real life events happen any time of day, also at night, dawn, and dusk with reduced visibility. Training at these hours of day is imperative for a trainee readiness. Using the same equipment as in real life, learning to see and maneuver with and without night vision optics, is something that is addressed in the Barco FS-series of projectors (FS70, FS40 and the new FS400-HR).  Designed for nighttime training, the Barco FS-series projectors include a dedicated IR light source that stimulate the NVGs, and the projectors light engine allows for individual control of both the visible light and the IR intensity for the most realistic training scenarios at any time of day. 

Barco FS400-HR native 4K projector

Innovating and accelerating training

Other display technologies are also evolving to complement projection in training and simulation. Developments in direct view LED performance and image processing have enabled Barco to deliver high performance, high resolution LED panels also for use in cylindrical simulator designs.  Using the latest in image processing power, Barco can drive these displays up to 240Hz refresh rate, making them ideal for managing the high-speed requirements in motor sports simulators and other environments.  

A vision to trust

Reliability, longevity, and predictability of the visual system are all key points ensuring the trainee receives the same training experience today, tomorrow, or in 5 years from now. Barco F-series projectors and XT-series LED displays are built for the requirements of the simulation industry with 24/7 operation, long lifetime, and low, predictable maintenance intervals. This ensures the highest amount of uptime of the simulator whilst delivering the highest quality training. 

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About Barco:

Barco is a world-leading visualization company designing and manufacturing high-resolution, purpose-built simulation projectors, along with intelligent LED and LCD Direct View display panels, to help deliver the most immersive experience to the training and simulation market.

With more than 30 years’ experience in this industry, we are at the forefront of technological advancements and bring the most scalable projection product line in terms of price/performance, providing ultra-high resolution, ruggedness, and 24/7 operation.

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