The challenges of building a dynamic 3D synthetic environment (sponsored video)

26th November 2020 - 11:00 GMT | by Industry Spotlight


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The ability to generate massive numbers of labelled training examples using 3D models in a geospatially accurate setting is a challenge. But what if you add feature attributes such as material IDs and textures that would allow the collection of signatures for targets using different physic-based sensor modalities such as radar, infrared and night vision? And what if you also add the ability to build and maintain a 3D database from the torrent of Geospatial Big Data Sources including satellite imagery, IoT sensors, GIS data, Lidar and other sensor types?

Impossible, right? Wrong.

VELOCITY is a 3D database production solution designed to solve all of these problems and challenges through automated workflows and AI-ready approaches for processing disparate data types. 

Read the full article from Presagis here.

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