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BISim releases VBS Blue IG

13th April 2018 - 15:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) has unveiled VBS Blue IG, a CIGI-compliant, 3D whole-earth image generator, the company announced on 10 April.

VBS Blue IG is a 3D planetary simulation that is cloud-enabled, geo-specific with round-earth procedural rendering and editing. It has been designed to be used for land, in air and in sea domains, including multichannel IG configurations as well as virtual reality-based training applications. Its adaptable engine is able to provide new training capability for military and defence organisations to visualise and rehearse complex joint military operations anywhere in the world.

VBS Blue IG supports CIGI and VBS3 simulation hosts and VR/AR head-mounted display technology. Its mission functions include collision detection, height above terrain and laser range finding. The system also provides support for rapidly generating high-detailed insets from GIS source data using TerraTools.

Additionally, the company is also launching a new software development kit, a set of APIs and tools for IG developers to customise and extend VBS Blue IG. The APIs form a modular plugin architecture that enables developers to integrate third-party technologies effectively and efficiently.

Arthur Alexion, co-CEO of BISim, said: ‘The importance of VBS Blue IG to BISim and the wider simulation community should not be underestimated. The underlying technology, VBS Blue, is a highly advanced, scene generation technology which has been built to be incredibly flexible in ingesting any conceivable terrain data type and thus allowing hyper-fast terrain generation and access to all types of open source and proprietary existing data formats.’

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