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BISim releases updated VBS3 versions

19th June 2018 - 15:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team


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Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) has released updated versions of its VBS3, VBS Control Behavior Pack 1 and VBS Simulation SDK, the company announced on 13 June.

VBS3 provides a comprehensive virtual training environment for tactical training and for land, sea and air and for mission rehearsal applications. The latest version, VBS3 v18.2, includes performance improvements for GPU-demanding scenes. Core engine improvements in VBS3 include enhancing the accuracy of how boats perform in high sea states, extending the capabilities for modelling thermal properties of buildings and trees and introducing a new script command for changing the altitude of cloud layers.

VBS3 v18.2 also enables configuration of vehicle models with components that have their own advanced damage hit boxes, able to receive individual damage from weapons and collisions or specific script commands, functions and events.

VBS3 v18.2 also introduces a new 3D model of a 400m x 250m shopping centre, which provides a setting for counter-terror training and other urban tactical response training scenarios. Administrators are able to monitor trainee activity in real time during a scenario and a CCTV camera view enables administrators to quickly access various camera views inside the shopping centre.

VBS Control Behavior Pack 1 is a set of pre-programmed AI behaviours for the most common training use cases. The new capabilities include tracked vehicle convoy behaviours. Users can create convoys from tracked vehicles or a mix of wheeled and tracked vehicles. The behaviours are simple to use and offer different behaviour options, such as setting rules of engagement or driving in the middle of the road.

VBS Simulation SDK allows developers to customise and extend VBS3 by providing an API and suite of tools. The latest updates offer several new engine APIs, component APIs, and samples.

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