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DSEI 2019: AUDS unveils latest counter-drone variant

13th September 2019 - 16:00 GMT | by Andrew White in London


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The Anti-UAV Defence System (AUDS) consortium has unveiled an optimised version of its counter-UAS (C-UAS) designed to support mobility requirements in the land domain.

The consortium, which includes Enterprise Control Systems (ECS); Blighter Surveillance; and Chess Dynamics, has designed a lower profile AUDS solution capable of being integrated on board smaller tactical ground vehicles.

Called the Modular Integrated Pod System (MIPS), the solution provides end users with the ability to ‘rapidly configure the system for intended missions including mobile force protection; mobile short range air defence; long range surveillance; or ground based air defence’.

To date, AUDS is available in three configurations including fixed mast; containerised; and mobile solutions with the latter variation featuring integration on board Stryker infantry fighting vehicles.

Speaking to Shephard ahead of DSEI, chief executive officer of ECS, Colin Bullock discussed how the latest AUDS variant, currently at Technology Readiness Level 9, would be capable of being integrated on board 4x4 all terrain vehicles including F150 Ford Rangers.

As Bullock explained, the latest variant features a lower profile and centre of gravity, achieved through the rearrangement of system components which include electro-optical camera; RF antennas and inhibitors; and radar.

‘Antennas are now located on either side of the solution, as opposed to on top, to lower the centre of gravity,’ Bullock explained while describing the ‘flatter’ AUDS variant. 

‘Once deployed, MIPS is designed for ease of sustainment, be that on the vehicle, or even when dismounted and operated remotely. Each MIPS has in-built automatic detect, track and destroy options. MIPS can receive and hand off targets of interest via a fully integrated combat and command and control network,’ a company statement confirmed.

Bullock was unable to comment on whether the new design had been made in response to emerging operational requirements from end users. However, defence sources have explained to Shephard how demand for more mobile C-UAS capabilities continued to be required by forward deployed small unit teams, particularly from the special operations community.

AUDS components include Chess Dynamics’ Hawkeye DS and EO Video Tracker; Blighter’s non-rotating passive electronically scanned array A400 Series Air Security Radar; and ECS’s Direction RF Inhibitor in Ku- and L-bands; capable of detecting, tracking, identifying and defeating UAS threats. 

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