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Paris Air Show: Thales unveils TrUE AI approach

20th June 2019 - 13:30 GMT | by The Shephard News Team in London


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With technological innovation continuing to influence the defence industry, the growing application of AI has begun to surface. In response, Thales has presented its TrUE AI approach at the Paris Air Show.

The company hopes to show that AI should be viewed with understanding, rather than as a source of distrust. The TrUE AI approach stands for transparent, understandable and ethical. The transparent aspect refers to users seeing the data being used by the AI to reach a conclusion. Understandable means that the AI can explain and justify potential results, whilst ethical means that the AI follows objective standards protocols, laws and human rights.

Continuing to strengthen its AI position, Thales recently announced that it had acquired AI startup Psibernetix to help create a certifiable AI. Psibernetix gained fame when ALPHA, its aerial combat application, consistently defeated human pilots in simulated air combat. The acquisition is aimed at establishing AI processes for applications used in safety-critical environments.

Thales is also planning on hosting a number of conferences dealing with subjects ranging from the concept of TrUE AI by David Sadek, Thales’ director of AI research, to the management of the drone ecosystem and the future of Human factors in cockpits.

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