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  • Military Logistics

    AG600 makes its first water flight

    22nd October 2018

    The AG600 amphibian aircraft from the China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Company (CAIGA) performed its first official water take-off and landing in Jingmen, Hubei Province ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    Commercial UAV Expo 2018: New Ewatt delivery drone makes debut

    4th October 2018

    Ewatt Aerospace bought two new products to the Commercial UAV Show in Las Vegas after stealing the show at the Amsterdam event with its enormous ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    China harbours ‘giant’ unmanned submarine aspirations

    23rd July 2018

    China has its heart set on large unmanned submarines that could be deployed worldwide, with an R&D; programme currently under way at the Chinese Academy ...

  • Digital Battlespace

    EW Europe 2018: New threat radars present intel challenges

    5th June 2018

    Digital radar systems that use new frequency bands and have multifunction capabilities are making it increasingly difficult for electronic intelligence (ELINT) analysts to identify emitters ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    SOFEX 2018: Jordanian CH-4 makes public debut

    8th May 2018

    The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) CH-4 MALE UAV in service with the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) has made its first public ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    Singapore Airshow 2018: Chinese Star Shadow on the prowl

    8th February 2018

    A new Chinese-built high-altitude UCAV was unveiled at this year’s Singapore Airshow. The Chengdu-based Star UAV System Company displayed a scale model of its new ...

  • Digital Battlespace

    China pushing forward on weaponised AI

    12th January 2018

    China is not fooling around about becoming the world leader in weaponised artificial intelligence (AI), including killer robots and smart systems that can locate enemy troops without ...

  • Defence Notes

    China's water dragon takes to the air

    29th December 2017

    China’s first large-scale amphibious aircraft took its maiden flight from the Jinwan Civil Aviation Airport, Zhuhai, in China’s southern Guangdong Province on 24 December . The ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    Armed AV500W flies as new designs surprise

    18th September 2017

    Last month the AV500W rotary-winged UAV from the AVIC Helicopter Research and Development Institute in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province performed its maiden flight and conducted a ...

  • Defence Notes

    PLAAF restructures its Airborne Corps

    6th September 2017

    Greater clarity has begun to emerge about the radical restructuring of China’s airborne force – what was once referred to as the 15th Airborne Corps ...

  • Land Warfare

    Norinco shows off active protection and new AFVs

    23rd August 2017

    The North Industries Corporation (Norinco), China’s largest manufacturer of armoured vehicles, successfully demonstrated its GL5 active protection system (APS) before more than 200 dignitaries from ...

  • Defence Notes

    PLA celebrates anniversary with new kit

    31st July 2017

    China celebrated the 90th anniversary of the formation of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) with a massive military parade at the Zhurihe Combined Tactics Training ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    CH-5 ready for series production

    18th July 2017

    The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) flew its first serial production version of the CH-5 UAV on 14 July, the flight occurring in ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    IMDEX Asia: China promotes armed UAVs

    22nd May 2017

    The Ziyan Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Company, based in Zhuhai, China, promoted three new rotorcraft UAVs at IMDEX Asia 2017 in Singapore. Only one of the ...

  • Unmanned Vehicles

    IMDEX Asia: Chinese USVs are working SCS

    22nd May 2017

    A new Chinese unmanned surface vehicle (USV) was unveiled by the Zhuhai-based Yunzhou Intelligence Technology at IMDEX Asia 2017 in Singapore. A large scale model ...

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  • Air-to-surface missiles


    The Chinese LD-10 anti-radiation missile was unveiled at the Zhuhai Airshow in 2012. 

  • Military UAS - rotary-wing


    The AV500W unmanned helicopter, developed by AVIC's Helicopter R&D; Institute, was unveiled at the Zhuhai Airshow in November 2016. It was reported that the platform ...

  • Commercial UAS - rotary-wing


    The T333 is a coaxial dual-rotor UAV. It is an upgrade to the TD220 unmanned helicopter and was displayed for the first time at the ...

  • Military UAS - rotary-wing

    Mysterious Bee

    The Mysterious Bee hybrid, fixed-wing/quadcopter UAV was unveiled at the Zhuhai Airshow 2016. It is designed to operate from ships, small islands, mountainous areas and ...

  • Commercial UAS - fixed-wing


    Awing-F100J is the latest UAV from Tianjin-based Quadrant Space (Tianjin) Technology and was displayed at the 11th Zhuhai Airshow in China for the first time ...

  • Commercial UAS - fixed-wing


    The Awing-H100J is a rotary-wing UAV designed by Quadrant Space (Tianjin) Technology. The Awing-H100J was displayed at the 11th Zhuhai Airshow in China, alongside other ...

  • Commercial UAS - fixed-wing


    The Awing-F20 is a fixed-wing UAV designed by Quadrant Space (Tianjin) Technology. The platform was displayed at the 11th Zhuhai Airshow in China, alongside other ...

  • Commercial - USVs, Military - USVs


    The SeaFly-01 USV, developed by Beijing Sifang Automation, was showcased at the 11th Zhuhai Airshow in China in November 2016. Phase 1 tests of the ...

  • Commercial UAS - fixed-wing, Military UAS - fixed-wing


    The FL-71 (Fei Long-2  or Flying Dragon-2) is a supersonic unmanned transportation platform designed by ZT Guide Control. The design was presented at Airshow China ...

  • Air-to-surface missiles


    The CM-502KG is a Chinese ASM. It is a variant of the CM-502G similar in size to the AR-1. It has more than twice the ...

  • Commercial UAS - fixed-wing, Military UAS - fixed-wing


    Aviation Industry Corporation of China displayed the Harrier MALE UAV at the Zhuhai Airshow in November 2012. The platform is believed to be in Chinese ...

  • Commercial UAS - fixed-wing, Military UAS - fixed-wing

    Harrier III

    Aviation Industry Corporation of China is developing the Harrier III, which it described at the Zhuhai Airshow 2012 as a medium/high-altitude, medium-speed and long-endurance general UAV ...

  • Air-to-surface missiles

    YZ-100 Series

    Unveiled at the Zhuhai Airshow in 2010, YZ-100 Series is a cluster bomb with guided submunitions. It can be used to attack enemy vehicles and ...

  • Military helicopters - attack


    The Z-10ME is an upgraded export version of Aviation Corporation of China's (AVIC's) Z-10 tandem two-seat attack helicopter. It has improved armour and countermeasures, and its ...

  • Commercial UAS - rotary-wing


    The TD220 is an electric, coaxial dual-rotor UAV with ATOL capabilities. The aircraft, which was showcased at the 2014 Singapore Airshow, is designed to carry ...