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News - Mesko

Programme Results - Defence Insight

  • Tanks


    Programme Background The Wilk programme was included in the Polish MoDs Technical Modernisation Plan of the Polish Armed Forces for 2021-2035. It was primarily aimed ...

Equipment Results - Defence Insight

  • Man-portable missile systems


    In 20 December 2016, the Polish Ministry of National Defence awarded MESKO a $220 million contract to supply the Piorun short-range MANPADS to replace the ...

  • Towed guns


    On 24 November 2016 the Polish Ministry of National Defence signed a contract with ZMT, leading a consortium which also includes PIT-Radwar and PCO, for ...

  • Man-portable missile systems

    PPZR Grom

    The PPZR Grom, IR-homing MANPADS designed for destroying visually observed air targets, including aircraft, helicopters and other targets emitting infrared radiation, flying on the courses ...

  • Self-propelled missile systems


    On 16 December 2015, the Polish Ministry of National Defence awarded PT-Radwar a contract for 79 Poprad self-propelled VSHORAD systems and a training package. Operated ...

  • Military UGVs

    Perun UGV

    Perun, a developmental 4x4 Uncrewed Ground Vehicle, was first introduced at the MSPO 2018 trade show in Kielce. It is engineered for combat and reconnaissance ...

  • Self-propelled guns, Self-propelled missile systems

    ZSU-23-4MP Biala

    ZSU-23-4MP Biala is the a locally developed Polish  upgrade of ZSU-23-4 Shilka tracked four-barrel 23mm anti-aircraft gun developed in 1957-65 by Mytishchi Engineering Works to meet the ...

  • Airborne rockets - guided

    Talon LGR

    Raytheon developed the Talon Laser-Guided Rocket (LGR), a semi-active laser guidance and control kit that connects directly to the front of 70mm unguided rockets. Raytheon ...

  • Towed guns


    At MSPO 2016 in Poland, PIT-Radwar exhibited a prototype of the remote-controlled Hydra 35mm anti-aircraft gun developed for the Notec project to replace the Polish ...

  • Individual assault/anti-tank weapons

    Spike SR

    Part of Rafael's Spike missile family, the fire-and-forget, man-portable Spike Short Range (SR) EO-guided missile system has operational capabilities in all weather conditions. Although the ...

  • Crew-served assault/anti-tank weapons

    Spike LR2

    The Spike LR2 (NT-S) is Rafael’s fifth generation of the Spike missile and is backwards-compatible with existing Spike launchers.  Two warheads have been developed: a ...

  • Crew-served assault/anti-tank weapons, Multipurpose missiles

    Spike MR/LR

    The Spike MR and Spike LR share the same command launch unit, thermal sight, tripod and missile technology. The fire-and-forget missile is equipped with an ...